iZombie Press Room Interviews - WonderCon 2015

A CW mid-season show, iZombie, has quickly become a fan-favourite with its quirky fun, zombie action, and strong cast. So it was little surprise when the show was one of many to stop by WonderCon to talk about what was to come on the rest of their season.

Malcolm Goodwin expressed interest in delving into more of Clive's Creole background, and gave his thoughts on Clive's belief in psychics and the partnership with Liv.

David Anders has been a fan-favourite villain for over a decade now and here he talks about the latest character, Blaine, to be added to the list. He talks about the physical preparation for the role, developing the character, finally getting to play something comedic, and coins our new favourite genre term: "zom-com-rom-dram."

Rahul Kohli says that Ravi's background won't be explored much in this season but is thrilled to be playing a character removed from the baggage of racial stereotypes and teases Ravi's getting a love interest.

Executive producer Rob Thomas shares what inspired him to adapt the show into live-action from the comics, the changes that were made in doing so, and the film that for him demonstrated that zombies could be lovable.

Executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright spills on her favourite character to write for, developing the zombie look for the show, takes time to fangirl about her favourite nerdy topics, and expresses her wish to get Tatiana Maslany on the show.

Rose McIver talks about maintaining the integrity of the character when getting new traits and abilities each week, Liv's blossoming partnership with Clive, and the process of finding an edible brain substance for filming.

Robert Buckley teased big things to come for Major in the rest of the season and shared his love of all things nerdy and the convention scene as a whole.

iZombie airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 9PM.


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