iZombie S01E08 Recap: Dead Air

Ravi has been working on find a cure for Zombism, Major chases the Candyman. Let's see what this week's brain brings. 

Liv gets some attention from Lowell, with a delightful foot rub. She ignores Major's call to give Lowell her full attention.

She remembers all of the things that she's lost as a zombie. But atleast she has Lowell now, and sex is back on the table. Liv listens obsessively to a morning talk show that is all about sex.

Ravi sits in the police waiting room. The female officer is busy gabbing on the phone rather than helping him out. Ravi goes to amuse himself with a children magazine. Peyton arrives, and throws the law at the officer to get Major out immediately. He's brought out under guard, and he's looking even worse this time around. But Major being Major he still has a smile on his face. Peyton asks what they did to him, but its pretty obvious what they did. Major introduces his roommate Ravi to Peyton, and tells them how he was roughed up in his cell because of the newspaper article. Major just wants to get to the bottom of Jerome's disappearance. Ravi breaks the news of all of the bodies being found, Jerome's included. Major is a bit broken-hearted, but he doesn't believe it one bit. He knows the police are lying about the boys.

Ravi find Liv in the morgue, and she's all excited over the cheating revelation on the radio show. There's some odd noises, and the signal goes down.

They have a new case. The radio host was electrocuted, and Clive has found that someone purposely killed the host by splicing her microphone into the generator. Also the caller who gave out the license plate number of the woman cheating with her husband happens to match that of the victim. The case can't be that easy. The host, Sasha, sent the producer, Jane, down to get security after getting the threat. The woman was high drama, and get radio. Jane calls to have the radio tapes pulled from archive.

Jane and Sasha were super close, since college. The assistant Kaley takes Clive and Liv downstairs. She's not sure who Sasha was dating, they always had code names, but she sounds less than flattering about her dead boss.

Clive and Liv is shown where Sasha's mic was suppose to be wired in, and where it actually was. The room isn't actually secure, the whole building is pretty open to the public, so many people had access to the area and could have done it.

Back at the morgue, Liv prepares to chow down on some brains, while listening to the radio tapes when she notices Ravi watching her. He asks her about her roommate, Peyton. He tells her recently, and asks if she's single. Peyton doesn't really lack male companionship, and she wobbles on the subject. She turns her attention instead to the newly padlocked supply closet. That's where the zombie rat experiment is, and Ravi thought it best to lock it. They head in to see how things are progressing. All of the rats are dead, brains missing, except one. The zombie rat even managed to kill Rat A outside of his cage, poor guy. Liv picks up the white zombie rat, as Ravi jumps on a counter. That rat could end civilization. Liv finds him adorable.

Ravi weighs down the zombie rats new cage as he explains the whole genome thing, and how he plans to use the rat to cure her. Clive arrives with a lead, a photo of a sex doll. Sasha was in a blood feud against a rival radio host Chuck. Chuck told his listeners to do horrible acts to the Sasha blow-up doll and post them online. Sasha planned to have a messy sit down with some of Chuck's past lovers.

Liv and Clive head to the radio station. Liv finds it odd that they never talk about Clive's relationships. Clive wants to keep his private life private. Liv goes all Love radio host on him. He finds it nice that she's trying to get to know him, but he isn't into opening up either. Clive notices her sudden psychology skills, but remains mum.

Inside they hear Chuck being very misogynistic. He notices Liv, and asks his viewers if anyone has banged an albino chick, because there is a hot one looking to have some color banged into her cheeks. Clive shows him his badge, which delates him a little. Off air Chuck talks a little about his feud with Sasha while Liv psychoanalyzes him. The more Sasha got upset the more his listeners liked to goad her. Sure he wasn't happy about her planned interview with past lovers, but he has a beautiful wife. Chuck shows them a picture, which give Liv a flashback of the woman throwing a drink in her face and calling her a whore. Liv asks if his wife threatened to kill Sasha when she found out he was sleeping with her. Chuck laughs it off. He slept with Sasha a few times, pointing out that lots of guys had hate sex. His wife is a mail order bride, she definitely couldn't fake a southern accent, she barely speaks English. He was on air during Sasha's death, and excuses himself to get back to his show. Liv is sure that the wife wasn't the caller, but Clive still thinks she's a suspect.

Major's girlfriend comes in, angry that he missed their lunch date. He keeps his back to her, but she comes around and sees his face. He tells her that it was a long story. He condenses it. He broke into a guys car, was arrested and beaten by some bikers. She sees that he's looking at brains on his computer, and she's out. Its not what she signed up for. He was her dream guy, and suddenly he's anything but. She leaves, and Ravi takes it that their game time is off.

Blaine applauds the Captain. He tells him that all those kids bodies were too much. Blaine points out that he is literally the Captain's meal ticket, and he'll continue to do what he tells him to do. Blaine isn't even trying to be careful, and he just expects the Captain to make it disappear. He has no options, and Blaine tells him to just do what he needs to do. The Captain brings up Liv, and Blaine knows all about her, but she's not his concern, he needs to just do what he's not.

Liv listens to more tape. Before this brain, Liv's advice giving style was gentle. This brain isn't so gentle. The tape jogs a memory of Sasha throwing pastries at the window towards Jane, screaming about loyalty.

Jane talks mixing friendships and working. They were fine. Clive asks about the cupcake incident. Jane admits that she deserved it. She was sending tapes around to other radio stations. When they started out they were co-hosts, but then Sasha sky-rocketed to fame. Jane would rather be behind the mic, but judging by her lack of offers she didn't have the charisma needed.

Ravi shows Liv his cool knife skills, and stabs himself. Liv is concerned, but he's made chain-mail for the hand. Lliv asks about Major. She missed a call from him the other day, but Ravi tells her that he's fine. His girlfriend broke up with him. Liv tells him that there are only two reasons to break up with Major, zombism, and death. Ravi breaks her bubble, Major isn't a zombie. Ravi asks about Peyton again. He's got a major yin for her after seeing her in action at the precinct. Liv shrinks him, pointing out obvious behavior that could lead to Ravi being hurt. Ravi just wants to know if she's single.

Liv knows that Sasha's brain is doing a number on her, and yet she can't stop herself from heading over to Major's. She gets him to answer the door, and is shocked by his appearance. She asks who did this to him, and he jokingly tells her that he can't talk about Fight Club. Major at his finest. Liv really wants to know what happened, but Major doesn't think that she'd believe shark attack either. He tells her the truth, he even made it the police blotter. While some of the kids were impressed with his new street cred, his bosses, not so much. Liv is sorry to hear about him being fired, but Major isn't. He needs to talk to her anyways. He knows that Jerome wasn't killed by that couple, even if the police are claiming otherwise. The Candyman was also wearing Jerome's shoes and all but admitted to him that he killed Jerome. He's sure that the police are covering up the missing kids, and he found a brain the guy's car in an ice chest. Major is sure that the brain was human. Liv goes into a little bit of panic, trying to brush it off. If the man worked at a butcher's shop like he claims, then it would likely be animal brains. Major has been looking at brains for the last few hours, and he's sure that it was a human brain. He would feel a lot better if Liv were looking at the case. She thinks that he's using this as a way for holding onto Jerome. Major agrees with her, tells her what she wants to hear, and she leaves. He heads back to the computer to see what a human brain can be used for.

Every time Major calls her a friend it makes her ache, even though they were friends long before they were engaged. It was one of the many reasons that they were so great together. They were more than just ripping off each others clothes, and wonders if she's just a zombie booty call. She knocks on Lowell''s door and he's towel clad. Liv wonders if they would even be together if they weren't both zombies. Lowell admits that they probably wouldn't be, that him being a musician and her being a doctor wouldn't have allowed their paths to really cross, but it doesn't matter because they're where they are now. And he's half naked, wanting to get fully naked with her. Who cares if its a healthy relationship, he's pretty spectacular. He points out that the woman who's brain she ate probably never had a healthy relationship in her life, she's not the only one who can be insightful. Liv admits that Sasha is exhausting. She thought that a relationship and sex expert would be fun, but she isn't. Lowell gets caught up on sex expert, and they strip down on the bed. Liv gets another vision, and calls out another guys name. It make Lowell pause for only a moment, asking if that's who she wants him to be or if that's a vision. See it doesn't get much better than Lowell, and he goes right back to the kissing once his question is answered.

Liv returns home, and Peyton asks who the guy is. Liv tells her about Lowell, and she's a little surprised. Musicians aren't the normal type, but Liv isn't the normal either. Peyton thinks that she belongs with someone else, but as long as she's happy. Liv asks Peyton if there is anyone in the wings, and there are plenty of interested parties, but none that Peyton is interested in.

Liv works, and labels, and Ravi watches. He's dying to know about Peyton's status. Liv is frank there are lots of guys. Ravi sees the variety as Peyton is still looking. Liv remains harshly honest. She doesn't think that Ravi and Peyton are a good fit. Ravi likes a challenge, and Peyton would be that, but he dates guys that would be featured in the eligible bachelor category. She's a kick ass lawyer who looks like a Victoria's Secret model. Ravi points out that Liv is selling him short. He's a doctor with amazing hair and a British accent. I have to agree with Ravi, he's adorable, and may even be out of Peyton's league with his fabulousness. Ravi thinks that he and Peyton had a moment. Liv has known Peyton for a long time, and every guy who has met Peyton has thought that he's had a moment with her, and she's chewed them up and spit them out. Ravi rescinds his invitation for her help. Ravi will take his parent issues, and find someone better, Peyton doesn't sound like she's worth his time.

Liv cleans up. The one good thing about listening to all those tapes is that she can avoid Ravi after wrecking his potential relationship. Liv hears a commercial, and its the voice of the cheated on caller. She heads up and has Clive take a listen. He recognizes the voice too.

They head to the station, with the ad. Jane takes a listen. She should have recognized the voice sooner. It was Kaley. They do mock up of ads, and then they're usually recorded outside, but the company liked Kaley so much that they kept her.

Clive and Liv head over to Kaley''s. She's prickly as usual. They ask her where she was when Sasha was murdered. She was on a coffee run. Clive asks for proof. She was driving to the coffee shop when she heard Sasha die. She never made it there. Kaley's husband arriveds, the guy from Liv's last vision with Lowell. She had motive and opportunity to kill Sasha. Clive arrests Kaley for the murder of Sasha.

In the interrogation room Kaley admits that her boyfriend Sam got drunk at a work party, and slept with Sasha. She wanted to mess with her head and not lose her job so she did the call in. Liv finds it odd that she would use an accent that was in a commercial that aired at her work. The southern accent is Kaley's real accent, and the commercial was only ran once before the bakery folded last year. Liv heard the commercial recently though, but Kaley finds that odd since the bakery is no more. Liv asks about her plot, since it still doesn't make sense. If Kaley had confronted Sasha face to face she would have black balled her like she did Jane. Clive sees that Kaley is telling the truth about the bakery. The only way that that ad goes on the air is if Jane puts it on. Jane heard Kaley's threat, and aired the ad hoping that they would put the pieces together and arrest Kaley. Jane is currently at the station recording Sasha's memorial. She's getting just what she wanted to host the radio show.

They head to the station, and Jane's show is a snooze fest. The callers are blunt, her show sucks. Jane sees Clive and Liv arrive with officers, and she knows her time is short. She tells the listeners what kind of person Sasha really was. She laughed at their problems, and she slept with their husbands and boyfriends, and when Jane tried to get from under her, she made sure to destroy her with every radio station on the west coast. Sasha wasn't a nice person at all. Clive arrests her, and Jane doesn't look the least bit sorry.

Liv calls to Peyton that she's headed to Lowell's. Peyton won't wait up. She sees Peyton's phone ringing and sees her own picture calling. It's Ravi. Liv shows Peyton the picture of her boss. She's been dispensing the advice of a hypocrite for the last week. She tries to head out with out giving anymore advice, but when Peyton asks she tells her to accept the date with Ravi. Ravi is fantastic, and selfless, and he's trying too hard to save her. Without him she is nothing. Ravi in the mean time gets bitten by the zombie mouse, though his chain mail glove. She looks at the picture she showed Peyton of herself, Ravi and Major. The advice she'd give Major is that he is sweetness and light, and to not pile tragedy on tragedy. Major is chasing down his drug dealing brain lead. And the advice she'd give herself as she sits in Lowell's arms, waking in his bed. Live in the moment for once. Liv makes some brains and eggs. She should be grateful for the simple pleasures. She doesn't have to know why she feels good, only that be grateful for the simple ride. She leaves Lowell's house and sees Blaine from the elevator. She suddenly has a vision. Its of Blaine and Jerome's sneakers. She ate Jerome's brain at Lowell's, and Blaine is headed towards the elevator with his little cooler in hand.


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