Jane the Virgin S1E20 - "Chapter Twenty" Recap

Jane hears the whole story regarding Alba getting pushed down the stairs, as Alba's memory has been recovered since spotting Petra's mother at the hotel. Jane wants to go to the police but Alba doesn't want to since she's worried about getting deported. Xo returns home to tell them of Rogelio's breaking up with her. Jane shares the news that Rafael dumped her too.

Petra's mother claims to want to prove that she is trustworthy to Petra. Rogelio is visited by the head writer of "The Passions of Santos" (the same one who fired him from the show) and says she wants him back on the show because of the poor ratings following his departure. He feigns hard-to-get but in actuality, he is elated to come back.

Things are still tense between Jane and Rafael but they put their differences aside when they learn that the baby is breech (upside down). Jane is given some exercises to do at home to try to get the baby to flip. Xo asks Jane to try to help patch things up with Rogelio since he's not returning any of her calls.

Rafael's sister Louisa returns to the hotel with a new girlfriend, "Juicy Jordan," a professional wrestler. Louisa says she went back to her shaman and had not run off with Rose as they had originally thought. Louisa has an idea to try to help the struggling Marbella and suggests that they hold a "wrestling brawl" to bring in some short-term money and publicity for the hotel.

Jane is further stressed when she finds that Petra's mother Magda is now working in the hotel too. She tells her she knows what she has done. Jane then tells Petra that she wants her mother out of the hotel and that she will make her pay for attempting to murder her grandmother. Jane and Alba have no choice but to tell Xo about everything and Xo suggests that they ask Michael for help. Jane then learns that Michael had helped with Alba's immigration troubles when she was in the hospital so Jane promptly goes to thank him for his help. She also shares about what happened with Alba and Magda. Petra must now figure out what to do when she learns that Magda did indeed push Alba down the stairs.

Jane visits Rogelio to try to plead Xo's case and then learns that Rogelio has had a bad experience where his first humiliated by publicly cheating on him. Xo can't seem to get over Rogelio and Jane says that Rafael saying he didn't love her is what helped her to get over things.

Petra and Magda are brought in for questioning and claim that they were both in the room when Alba came by and was drunk. Magda later threatens Jane to back off, as she has determined that Alba is an illegal immigrant.

The wrestling match is underway in the hotel and Jane goes to Rafael for help, wanting Magda out of the hotel. Petra's interest is piqued when she learns for the first time that Rafael has broken up with Jane. Rafael wants Magda out of the hotel because he doesn't want the expecting mother of his child stressed out. Jane has also orchestrated Xo and Rogelio to meet each other at the hotel. Xo pleads her case but Rogelio still doesn't want to take her back.

Jane plays detective to try to find a photo of Petra out of her room during the afterparty which would show that she was lying in her alibi for Alba. What she finds instead is a photo that shows Ivan being visible in Petra's room. Michael confronts her with the photographic evidence. Petra claims she called an outside plumber and Petra must work fast to try to cover her tracks.

Rafael calls Jane and leaves a voicemail to say that he has asked Petra to fire Magda. Rafael gets frustrated and tells Luisa the truth that he and Petra only let the wrestling happen to try to get her to vote their respective ways for the plans they have to save the hotel. Rafael finally opens up to Luisa about everything that happened with Jane and how he has now given her up even though he loves her, so he needs the hotel to succeed. After all has been said, Luisa says that she believes Rafael gave up the wrong thing. She notes that he has rejected Jane before she could reject him the way his mother did. Luisa warns him that she will move on if he waits too long.

Jane hits a breaking point where she realises she is trying to be able to do things on her own since she is now facing a future of being a single mother. Later that night, she wakes up and is thrilled to feel that the baby has turned.

Michael is able to locate Ivan and he corroborates Petra's lie that he was called in as a plumber.

Xo goes to visit Rogelio and says that she has accepted his decision and wants him to feel free to come over and visit Jane as much as he pleases without any awkwardness. He accepts this but looks longingly after her as she leaves.

Michael tells Jane about Ivan's lie and warns her that the Marbella may not be the safest place for her with all the scheming going on. Jane calls Alba to let her know and we see that Alba is out with Edward, the priest. He asks her out on a date and she accepts.

Petra says that she will go along with his plan to save the hotel and that she was fired Magda. She also gives him forged medical documents to prove that Magda couldn't walk then and therefore couldn't have pushed Alba down the stairs. Petra tells Magda that she is still in love with Rafael and now that there's an opening, she is going to get him back and won't let Magda get in the way of that.

Jane lets Rafael know about the baby turning. Rafael tells Jane that Magda will be leaving the hotel but when Jane asks when Petra will be leaving, Rafael says that he believes Petra's story. Jane is furious and tells Rafael that she is quitting the hotel and will not let Petra be around her baby. Jane then tells Xo and Alba that she wants to sue for sole custody of the baby.

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