Jane the Virgin S1E21 - "Chapter Twenty-One" Recap

Jane is no longer excited about her 5-year high school reunion despite being on the planning committee because her life is not quite in the state it was when she began the preparations. But she reconsiders her decision when Xo and Laylene convince her otherwise.

Rafael is talking with Luisa about how to proceed with saving the hotel but then admits that he thinks he made a mistake breaking up with Jane and that he wouldn't be happy without her in the long run. But now Jane wants to tell Rafael about her intention to sue for full custody of the baby. When she finally tells him, he is hurt and unhappy with her decision. He wants to do whatever it takes to make Jane change her mind, even getting an apartment so he wouldn't live in the hotel.

Jane begins nesting when she should be working on her novel. She also learns from Michael that Luisa has been cooperating with the police and hasn't been in touch with Sin Rostro (Rafael had told Jane to check with Michael to verify this while pleading his case regarding the baby). Michael also invites Jane to attend his police force commendation. Afterwards, he tries to ask her out for dinner but Jane has to go to her high school reunion.

Petra is scheming to get Rafael back and when she sees him upset, asks him to confide in her on what is wrong. When Rafael confides in her about what happened, Petra approaches Jane to plead with her to not take things out on Rafael. Of course Petra is just scheming to try to look like the bigger person to Rafael.

Rogelio and Xo resume rehearsing for their Vegas show but Rogelio is never happy with the details of the show. He also snaps at Xo, claiming that she needs to stop being so attracted to him because it's distracting. But when Xo tells Alba what happened, Alba shares that she believes Rogelio is afraid of heights. Xo is later able to get Rogelio to admit his fear of heights and in turn the hydraulic lift that's part of the show.

Jane is at her five-year high school reunion but things don't quite go the way she had hoped because everyone is so focused on her pregnancy that it's hard for her to highlight anything else about her life. But she is still able to give her speech without anything going wrong, apart from her not feeling what she is saying. Afterwards, she runs into Stephanie, the old Mean Girl from school. Surprisingly, Stephanie apologises. She also learns that all those years Stephanie spent being mean to her wasn't about the fact that Stephanie's father and Xo briefly dated, but because Stephanie liked a boy that had tried to ask Jane to prom.

After the reunion, Jane and Michael spend the night messaging and texting while Jane is at home nesting when she should be writing. They end up staying up late talking on the phone, too. Michael advises her to make a new plan that she can stick to regarding her writing. She decides to apply to a graduate program for writing, a plan which Xo and Alba fully support.

At rehearsals for the show, Xo takes the hit by saying she's the one afraid of heights instead of Rogelio so the director will have to re-work the show.

Petra forces her mother to admit to pushing Alba down the stairs because she wants to be the hero. It will also get Jane to drop her custody plea and in Petra's mind, make things easier for her in regards to getting Rafael back. It's then that we learn that Jane had made a deal with Rafael that if he planted a birdie in Petra's ear about getting back together that would result in Magda getting arrested, she wouldn't fight him for custody. She tells Rafael that she's glad that they can just be friends now, though Rafael still clearly wants to get back together. He also tells Luisa that he has decided to put off going to Spain to fight for the company in order to ensure that he'll be here when Jane goes into labour. Luisa supports his decision and encourages Rafael to call Jane, which he does but Xo sends the call to voicemail.

Jane and Michael agree to just be friends but it's implied that Jane is also starting to regain her feelings for him...

Jane the Virgin airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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