Jane the Virgin S1E22 (S1 Finale) - "Chapter Twenty-Two" Recap

Rafael is more certain than ever that he wants to get back with Jane. He plans to manipulate Petra into selling her shares of the hotel so she can no longer make a mess of things between him and Jane.

Xo and Rogelio head out to Las Vegas for their show, though Xo tells Jane she wants her to call if anything happens with the baby since she doesn't want to miss anything.

Michael is visiting Jane when she goes into labour. As it turns out, the contractions are a false alarm though Rafael still manages to get to the hospital in just ten minutes. Things become awkward when Rafael and Michael run into each other and get into a tiff. Michael does admit to Rafael that he wants Jane back and Jane leaves in a huff, put off by the argument. Rafael later comes to see Jane and finally tells her the truth about why he broke up with her and that he really does still love her. Jane is still devastated because of the heartbreak he caused her.

Michael visits Jane and tells her he is still interested but doesn't want to just be her "safe/familiar" choice. If that's the case, he isn't interested. When he returns to his apartment, he finds Nadine waiting there. Nadine wants to help him bring Sin Rostro into custody. She wants a deal for hers and her family's safety. She offers some leads for him to use to ensure that her information is good.

Jane has a meeting about trying to get into her graduate program and on her way home, she goes into labour. She calls Rafael, who has to put his (manipulative) dinner with Petra on hold. Jane reaches the hospital with the help of a bus driver willing to detour his route, and both Alba and Rafael arrive. Xo tells Rogelio that she'll be leaving in the morning on the first flight out to be with Jane. As it turns out, Rogelio is upset by this news because Xo didn't assume he would want to be there for Jane's birth too. Nothing is more important to him than Jane, including the show he's about to debut in. They later patch things up and Xo reassures him that he is indeed part of the family.

In the hospital, Rafael tells Jane that he didn't go to Spain and he sold the company because being with Jane and the baby was more important.

Michael follows Nadine's lead and though they do find the plastic surgeon, they find that he is already dead.

Jane is fully going into labour and she's concerned about her parents not getting there on time so Rafael offers to call Michael and ask him to pick Jane's parents up for the airport and be a police escort to get them to the hospital as quickly as possible. In his haste, Michael leaves his keys within reach of Nadine, who is able to make her escape. We later learn that he did this deliberately in the hopes that Nadine will lead them back to Sin Rostro. Xo arrives just in time to give Jane encouragement so she can deliver the baby. Much to everyone's surprise, the baby is a boy and not a girl. Jane and Rafael must now change the baby's first names (they had already agreed on the placement of their respective last names). In the end, they decide to name him Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva.

Petra takes a call from the hospital that Rogelio had been repeatedly been ditching. She goes to deliver the news she has learned but then overhears Rafael saying how he is manipulating Petra and wants her out of his life. As it turns out, Rafael's sperm sample had been split into two samples, one of which had been misplaced. Petra takes the sample for herself and we're sickened beyond belief. Just when we thought she couldn't sink any lower.

Both Rafael and Michael tell Jane that they will respect whatever decision she makes. As for Xo and Rogelio, they learn that they got married in Vegas while black-out drunk. The final twist comes when a (fake?) nurse comes and takes Jane's baby from the hospital nursery and hands it off to Rose, who takes the baby away in limousine. But... why?

Jane the Virgin will return to the CW for season 2.


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