Orphan Black S3E2 - “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” Recap

Rudy's been broken out of his holding cell by Seth and their first order of events is to try to "share"a girl who gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

Sarah and Kira are reunited with Cal, who has one fabulous new home that's both spacious and cozy. Sarah and Kira both seem to like it, but Sarah doesn't seem too quick to trust that she'll be able to even consider a "normal" and domestic life any time soon.

Surprise! The Castor clones and Paul know each other! They seem to be under his authority and he has to run some tests on them, though it's not entirely clear why. Probably all part of protocol, I suppose. Rudy aces the test, but Seth seems to struggle on one of the questions. Rudy blames it on the alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation. They have their orders, clean up and clear out. They're to be extracted and brought back to base. Doubtful that Rudy will go gently into that night, though. He hardly seems the type to take orders.

Alison still wants to run for office but with Donnie's recent unemployment, she'll need to find another way to raise the funds to afford her campaign. When she learns that the local prescription-pill drug dealer is going out of business since he'll be headed off to college, our favourite little housewife gets an idea about how to make some money.

Sarah gets a call about Rudy's escape. She's still determined to find Helena and wants to make sure that her family is safe. She and Cal are rekindling things but let's be real here, Sarah's relationship with Cal is the least interesting relationship she has on the entire show. As for poor Helena, she's still in captivity and being waterboarded by Miller and whomever else is running the show. But the waterboarding must come to a halt because the bloodworm came back and our favourite little mad hatter is pregnant! Dr. Virginia Cody is the one that halted the waterboarding/taking of blood and saliva samples and seems to be the one in charge. But who exactly is this mysterious Doctor? Is she the "Mother" of whom Paul referenced while speaking with Rudy and Seth?

Mrs. S is still on the mend after her run-in with Seth and Felix checks in on her well-being. He also assures her that Sarah will come around eventually, referring to the revelation that Mrs. S was involved in Helena's capture.

Cosima and Scott meet with Dr. Nealon, the new scientist in charge at Dyad under Cosima's regime. Nealon tells them how everyone is after the original genome and that the Duncans found two lines of clones (Leda/Castor) but never disclosed the original donors. The Duncans were the ones to start a female and male lines. Only the female line of clones was brought to Dyad when the military shut the project down (could misogyny be the reason that the military only kept the male clone projects operational?)

Art lets Sarah know about a call (from the woman who met Rudy and Seth). Thankfully, she's still alive and seemingly uninjured albeit freaked out. Turns out Rudy wasn't happy about this woman rejecting Seth's advances. She got a lock of her hair ripped out (a trophy of sorts) and all her personal information off her ID was written into their little notebook. Weird weird weird. Art warns Sarah not to impersonate an officer again but we can't help but love our mama lioness' gung-ho ways. She will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

Alison and Donnie meet with Ramon since Alison wants to buy out his business. She's one hell of a convincing saleswoman; how was she not in this line of work already? Ramon agrees to sell but Donnie's getting skittish. Allison insists that this is about their kids but also notes that her newly acquired clientele will also be voters. Donnie is in awe of her scheming ways.

Rudy calls Seth up to tell him that there's no way he's going back to base. He knows Seth is glitching and Seth admits it's been happening for a week and it's only getting worse. When Rudy makes the call, he is shown to be breaking into Felix's apartment and he says they have no choice but to "finish the job."

Cosima advises Sarah to get back in touch with Mrs. S so she can get in touch with Paul as it's their best lead on getting to Helena. The centre is trying to run the same exercises on Helena as what was being done earlier on Rudy and Seth but she's distracted by her scorpion friend and wants to know where the mangoes are. Oh, Helena. Her sass is just as strong as ever. Dr. Cody is trying to manipulate Helena by claiming that her sestras sold her out. Helena doesn't believe her though. Cody says that the Leda clones are more resilient to both nature and nurture than the Castor clones. Surprise, surprise, the weaker sex is defective.

Sarah goes to ask Mrs. S where Paul is but apparently Paul has gone dark. Sarah isn't about to dish out forgiveness anytime soon. Paul makes an appearance and much to our surprise, it's to visit Cal. He knows some dirt on Cal, who is actually a bit of a war profiteer. He only got out of his misdeeds after he got rich. These two had a deal that would buy Sarah space and time but unfortunately, Sarah has been refusing to take either. Paul tells Cal that Sarah needs to stop digging into Castor for her own safety.

Sarah and Kira have gone back to Felix's place and the running water of the tub means that they don't hear Cal's call. Poor Kira crawls into her blanket fort and lo and behold, Rudy's there and sporting some new red X's on his eyes. Is this a new Castor fashion statement? He holds Kira at gunpoint and tells Sarah he wants Duncan's research and the tissue samples of the Castor original. Say what??? Cal shows up downstairs to try to help Sarah and Kira but Seth is playing watchdog. But then he starts glitching. Sarah was already to piece together that Seth was sick (since they've got Cosima, their own sick clone). Rudy runs off when he hears Seth's hollering. In a surprising turn of events, he shoots Seth in the chest to put him out of his misery, bidding him goodbye with an "I love you." We really thought that Cal was the one who'd get shot but that's what we love about Orphan Black; we're kept on our toes!

Sarah ends up bidding goodbye to Kira, deciding the best course of action is to send her off with Cal to Iceland. Why didn't she do this sooner? Mum needs to kick butt and destroy their enemies like the badass superhero she is before she can do anything remotely domestic. "Now we find Helena and finish this shit." How will Sarah do this? She sets her sights on finding Mark. The Prolethean clone is currently holed up in a motel with his new wife, Gracie, but first he needs to burn off the tattoo from his arm. This tattoo is one that all the Castor clones have. Spoiler alert, it's a tracking device!

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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