Orphan Black S3E3 - “Formalized, Complex, and Costly” Recap

Sarah and Felix have quite the task on their hands: disposing of Seth's body. Of course the timing couldn't be worse for Art to show up at Felix's flat. He knows they're up to something so he comes barging in and finds the body and Sarah's first response is to truthfully tell him that they weren't the ones to kill him. So now it's time to Skype-call Cosima (and Scott). They determine that the male clones must have a neurological defect which is why they're after the original genome. Cosima then declares that they need to examine his brain... because science! Art also lets Sarah know that they've been able to track down a lead regarding Mark.

Mark's got his arm bandaged up after burning off his tattoo and despite a delay in consummating his marriage, Gracie's encouraging words coax him into finally doing the deed. It's also time for him to start opening up. He shares about his time in the military academy and how despite all the other boys and their chasing tail, he wanted to wait. He says that her father had stolen valuable scientific material and he was assigned to recover it. Mark says they're free from the Proletheans but now he needs to get free from the military. He has to recover his material, hence their hiding out in a seedy motel.

Art and Sarah catch up to the midwife that helped artificially inseminate Helena. They learn that Helena is impregnated by that creepy Prolethean leader and that a fertilised egg has been implanted into Gracie, too. Turns out Gracie is strong at bluffing which helps her to recover the stolen science material that was being kept by Willard Finch, a contact of the Proletheans.

We've got an update on Alison, too. She's working her sales skills, with the help of Donnie, to simultaneously campaign and let their clientele know who the new pill-pushers in town are. She's selling the pills by hiding them in handmade soaps. Her competitor tries to bribe Alison off the warpath by offering her a good deal on a house in the nicer district but Allison will not be so easily swayed.

It also seems as if Art was in love with Beth and that's a huge reason why he's pushing so hard to help the clones. He feels guilty for seemingly abandoning Beth in her hour of need.

Paul brings Rudy back to the base and Dr. Cody is indeed the "mother" to the clones (at least by name, of course). She's furious about Rudy putting Seth down though Paul insists that this was entirely necessary. Dr. Cody is concerned about the glitches in their weapons program though it's unclear yet just what it is she's referring to. Paul thinks it's best that Rudy stay on the base but Cody insists that she needs him back in the field.

Cosima and Scott head to Felix's place where Cosima takes a saw to Seth's skull to get a look at his brain. Oh and it's worth noting that she learned how to do all of this from some Youtube videos. That's our favourite mad scientist!

Rachel is on the mend, though she's disappointed to learn that Delphine is now the one in charge at Dyad instead of her. She's being given cards of symbols to identify and unfortunately for the tester, she doesn't recognise the two-headed horse as the symbol of Castor. It turns out Rachel knew a lot more than we originally thought.

Art and Sarah track down Willard Finch in search of Mark and Gracie. With a bit of arm-twisting, they get him to admit seeing Gracie. Mark is discouraged when Gracie returns with the stored information that doesn't actually include any biological samples.

Rudy pays a visit to Helena, who dubs him "the ugliest Mark" of the bunch. They exchange some fighting words before Paul comes in to pull Rudy away to be debriefed before he'll head back out in the field. Paul tries to apologise to Helena, though Helena promises that one day she'll kill them all, and even throws in some bullet sound effects to top things off.

As luck would have it, Sarah stumbles across Gracie in a diner. She makes it clear that Gracie needs to do what's best for her/Helena's baby and tell them where Mark is. Mark is torturing Willard Finch to get more information but while he's away, Gracie's borderline-psychotic and entirely puritanical mother shows up take her back home. She got Gracie's location from the banished midwife.

Sarah is at Willard's farm to find Mark but while searching, Cosima calls from the lab to let Sarah know that she and Scott have made an incredible discovery. The Leda and Castor clones are siblings, as in, the original donors from which the clones were spawned were sister and brother. But this can't be discussed further just yet because Sarah's got a show-down with Mark. He's furious to learn that Sarah told Gracie about Mark being clones (so in her mind, an abomination). Sarah tells him about their being siblings but Mark doesn't care. He wants to run off and mend fences with Gracie. But when he runs outside, Sarah must watch in horror as Gracie's mother shows up and offs Mark with a big gun.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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