Orphan Black S3E6 - "Certain Agony of the Battlefield" Recap

Sarah has a dream in which Kira appears on the base and leads her to a room where Sarah can see herself lying on a slab and having one of the male clones giving a blood transfusion of his own blood into her body. It's unclear as to whether this is some sort of recovered memory or simply a manifestation of her fears. The real Kira is of course still in Iceland and Skypes with Mrs. S and Felix. Mrs. S is still using her connections to try to find Sarah. Gracie brings them a tray of tea, saying it helps her to have something to do.

Paul meets with another agent and tells him about Doctor Coady's unsanctioned research but Paul needs to give more proof if actions are to be taken against her. Paul heads to the base and finds that Sarah is really sick. He gives her some water and she pleads with him to help her escape and he says he's trying to help her out of there. When Dr. Coady comes in, Sarah claims that she did something to her to cause her sickness, despite Coady's claims that she's trying to help Sarah and gave her an anti-inflammatory. Sarah enquires after Helena and Coady says that if the desert doesn't get her, then Rudy will. Rudy is driving a patrol through the desert, and a hungry Helena proceeds to eat one of her scorpion friends.

Cosima is enjoying the post-hookup bliss with Shay, who asks about Sarah, claiming that Cosima said her name in her sleep. Yeah. Sure. But when Cosima heads into work, she is met by Delphine who is waiting for her. She knows that they got their hands on a Castor-brain. She also points out that there is a protein present in Gracie's brain that was also in the Castor-brain, which clearly warrants a follow-up. Gracie learns that she is now infertile, and she feels relieved. As Cosima is leaving, Delphine says she misses her but Cosima doesn't look too pleased to hear that.

Alison and Donnie are enjoying their new funds from their drug-selling scheme. They proceed to make it rain in their room and get walked in on by one of their children who is promptly ushered out. She later meets with Jason, her drug-dealing ex, to pay back the money she owed on the supply. She wants to take her drug-dealing to the next level but he doesn't think she's ready for that, even more so when Donnie rolls up in a fancy new car and Alison chides him for coming and being ostentatious in his spending. Alison needs a business for a front through which to launder the drug-money. Alison proposes that she and Donnie take over "Bubbles," her mother's store. Alison has Jason come for a visit, despite Donnie's being disinclined to want to bring him along.

Paul asks another soldier on the base about what's going on and the soldier says how things have changed since Paul left. Rudy had brought a sick girl to base, whom Coady treated. But after that, things become more secretive and the boys were ordered to record their sexual activity and take samples. Everything is in Coady's office, which is restricted. He then speaks with Mark, who says how Sarah helped retrieve the Castor DNA and that he brought her to the base because he was with Rudy who would have otherwise killed her. He also admits that he fell in love with Gracie, once Paul pushes him to speak freely. Mark helps him retrieve the keys to get into Coady's office and get more proof. Mark is supposed to stand watch but he comes into the office and looks through the research with Paul, and he tells Mark that the defect is contagious through sexual contact. Paul then places Coady under arrest for her crimes and she admits to infecting Sarah with the Castor pathogen. Sarah hallucinates meeting Beth, who shares the story of how she met Paul. Sarah is wracked with guilt over not being able to save her sisters and Beth speaks about how being consumed by all of the clone-craziness. Beth tells her to stop asking "why," but start asking "who."

Felix asks Scott for help in the form of showing him where Rachel is. This conversation takes place when Felix brings Gracie in to Leda for more testing. He threatens and humiliates Rachel, demanding to know where Sarah is. But she doesn't want to help, only wanting to get out. Felix leaves in a huff.

Paul calls in his arrest of Coady and shares his findings, including the fact that she has been sterilising women. He is told that it will take six hours to get an extraction team and he must hang tight and manage things until then. He is also advised to leave Rudy out in the desert. Rudy gets a call from someone back at the base, learns of the situation, and proceeds to head back.

Delphine is shown to be monitoring Cosima's new relationship with Shay. Cosima goes to make out with Shay but gets a call from Scott who says that based on the paintings Rachel has been doing, he thinks she may know the code in her father's book.

Paul visits Sarah and tells her about the sterilisation of women and also that Coady has stated that Sarah hasn't been showing any of the same symptoms. Coady seemed to know that Sarah would beat it and Sarah demands to see her. The clones have the same defect but while the boys' brains are attacked, the women's epithelial tissue is the problem instead. But Sarah's fertility is proof of how she can beat it. Paul figures out that Coady is trying to isolate and weaponise it. But someone else seems to be calling the shots.

Rudy sneaks back into camp while his driver is placed under arrest. He lets out one of his brothers, Miller, and hands him a weapon so they can take back the base. Paul is being advised by Sarah that they need to get out of there and Paul assures her that help is on the way. But the conversation is interrupted by Mark, who says that patrol came back seemingly without Rudy and that upon checking the SAT phone, he has found that they got a call from Arlington. Paul then calls his contact and as he lies, he knows that he has been betrayed and no one is going for them. Paul and Sarah must escape now, and Mark tells them to make this right. Paul gets into a fight with Miller and has to snap his neck but is badly wounded by Miller's knife before he makes his kill. Paul leads Sarah to a tunnel and locks it so she can't get him to leave with her. He tells her to follow the tunnel to the garage, grab jeep, and leave. He tells her that he loves her and leaves. Sarah, having no other choice, heads off.

Paul is shown to be in Coady's office with the science. Coady and Rudy walk in and when Paul is shown to be refusing to leave his course, Coady shoots him repeatedly. Paul is then revealed to have a grenade, which he activates. Rudy and Coady run out, possibly/probably with enough time to get to safety, and Helena picks up a disorientated Sarah following the explosion.

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