Orphan Black S3E7 - "Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate" Recap

Mrs. S is able to track down a freshly-escaped Sarah and Helena. Helena, now knowing that Mrs. S was responsible for putting her in Castor's captivity, wants to kill her but Sarah stops her from doing so... for the time being anyway. Helena wants nothing more than to kill her. Helena had also been shown to be comforting Sarah regarding Paul's death, saying that he was a good man in the end. Sarah is emotionally exhausted and doesn't want to discuss it.

Alison and Donnie go meet Connie, Alison's mother, who owns the Bubbles soap shop that they're hoping to take over in order to use as a storefront for their pill-pushing. Alison seems to be insecure around her mother and appears to be feeling inadequate. Connie has even put up a campaign sign up supporting Marci, Alison's rival. Connie is stalling on signing over Bubbles to Alison and Donnie. Alison later has a campaign event and Felix attends to help Alison with it all.

Cosima is enjoying her post-hookup bliss with Shay but they're interrupted by Delphine, who wants a urine sample from Cosima because she says her numbers are worrying. Shay eavesdrops on their conversation from the bathroom. Cosima texts Aliso to ask her for a urine sample, after having a conversation with Scott about trying to get Rachel to decode the book. Alison is interrupted right before the event by a call from her mother claiming she's having a heart attack.

Donnie goes with Alison's ex Jason in order to drop off a payment to a higher-up drug dealer but when they arrive, they realise Donnie has the wrong envelope. The money is with Alison and Donnie instead has an envelope full of campaign buttons. Jason is sent to retrieve the money while Donnie must stay in the captivity of the drug-dealers.

The fight between Helena and Mrs. S hits a breaking point. Helena repeatedly hits her, insisting that Mrs. S hits her back. Mrs. S only lands one punch and then hugs her, saying repeatedly how sorry she is. A struggling Helena eventually relents and appears to make peace (somewhat) with the situation.

Alison arrives at her mother's store o find that her mother is fine and only had a panic attack of sorts. Connie then says that she can't sell Alison the store and Alison keeps getting texts from Felix who is saying that she's about to miss the photo-ops. Alison delivers an impassioned speech to her mother for never deeming anyone good enough. When Cosima arrives at the campaign space to try to get Alison's pee, she is mistaken for Alison and must now pretend to be her for the photo-ops. Felix gets her looking the part and pushes her to go through with this facade because if she wants help from Alison, then she needs to return the favour.

Back at the lab, Rachel is brought in for testing by Delphine and Scott reveals to her without Delphine seeing that he has her father's book. She claims to want to be taught the boardgame that Scott and his friends had been playing and Delphine gives permission, not knowing it's a rouse to allow them to be able to be alone in the future.

Alison arrives back at the campaign centre and spots Cosima upstairs doing the photo-ops and must hide while also being met by Jason, who tells her about what has happened regarding Donnie being held captive and the money. Alison texts Felix to help her retrieve the envelope from the table but then her mother arrives. Alison pulls her away to keep out of sight and then tells her that Alison was conceived in-vitro with the use of sperm that wasn't from Alison's father. She only ever wanted the best for her. Alison runs into Jason in the hall, and asks him to keep her mother preoccupied while she goes off and retrieves the envelope. Meanwhile, Felix is telling Cosima that she should hide in the loo until he can get Alison to come in and give her a urine sample.

Alison tracks down Felix and tells him about the envelope mix-up and has to admit that she and Donnie are drug-dealers and now Donnie is being held captive by a drug-dealer named Pouchy who coincidentally is the same man who cut off Vic's finger.

Jason is able to sweet-talk Alison's mother, seemingly making her believe in Alison more and in turn make her more compliant to sign over the business. Alison is able to swap out the envelopes and meet Pouchy's niece in the parking lot and is forced to sit there while the money is counted when she's supposed to be inside making her speech. So poor Cosima must go in and make the speech on behalf of Alison. Pouchy gets the call that the money is in play just before his muscle is about to cut off Donnie's nose.

Cosima is struggling to make a speech up and is coughing so she uses that as a guise to go backstage where Alison has made it back in and is able to swap back in to getting onstage and making her speech. Instead of the meticulously prepared one, she is inspired at seeing her mother in the audience to swift her tactics and say that her campaign is about family. The speech is well-received by the audience and Marci looks worried.

When Cosima heads back to go to the bathroom she is approached by Jason who believes her to be Alison and plants a kiss on her. After the speech, Alison learns from Cosima about the kiss from Jason and she seems quite surprised but perhaps... flattered? Alison then decides against giving Cosima her pee and says they need to be honest with Dyad because they need their help regarding their health. Cosima then goes hiding in the stall because Alison's mother has come in. Connie congratulates her on her speech, saying that she's earned her vote and gives her the form to sign over Bubbles. She also insults Donnie in the process, saying that she knows that when the time is right she will learn that she deserves better and insinuates that perhaps she can get back together with Jason. Alison then decides to spite her mother and reveal Cosima to her and the fact that she is a clone. She says that she didn't fool Alison's father the way that she had thought and instead she was implanted with a clone. Cosima leaves, feeling awkward. Connie doesn't believe Alison, thinking that Cosima must be her half-sister instead and that even though the donor was supposed to be exclusive, perhaps Cosima's mother received a sample too. She also had initially thought that Cosima was mixed-race because of her appropriative hairstyle.

Sarah learns that Mrs. S has patched things up with Helena. They fill each other in on what they've missed, including Paul's death and Gracie now staying with Mrs S.

Cosima opens up to Shay, saying she has a pretty serious health issue. Rachel is shown to be playing the farm game with Scott and she wants the book but he tells her that the book does not belong to her, nor was it left for her. Cosima is shown to be bleeding out of her vagina and Rachel begins to decode a copied page from the book given to her by Scott but says she'll only give the information to Sarah.

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