The Big Bang Theory S8E22 - "The Graduation Transmission" Recap

Leonard gets asked to give the commencement speech at his old high school and he invites Penny to come with him. He's excited to show her around but on the way to the airport, they get news that their flight has been cancelled due to a storm. Penny makes arrangements with the school so Leonard can give his speech via Skype. He also buys him a "sexy graduate" cap and gown costume. Leonard's speech was initially boring so he changes it to make it reflect on his own high school life. He chooses to advise the smart and forgotten students that after the graduate, the world will consider them far more interesting than those students that were popular.

Raj has purchased a quadcopter but when he's unable to get it to work, he gives it to Howard and Sheldon to get them to fix it. Raj's father cuts him off due to his spending so much money on a top helicopter. Raj eventually leverages his parents' divorce as a way to manipulate them into separately giving him more money. Howard has taken the helicopter apart to try to get it to work, meaning Raj won't be able to return it. Bernadette suggests that they call tech support and though they hate the idea, they eventually have no choice and relent. While waiting for a technician, the quadcopter picks up on a random signal and activates. It proceeds to fly around the apartment, terrorising the group.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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