The Big Bang Theory S8E23 - "The Maternal Combustion" Recap

Sheldon and Leonard are receiving an award for the paper they wrote together so each of their mothers comes to town for the ceremony. Beverly is intrigued by the fact that Leonard and Penny have yet to set a wedding date but Mary isn't bothered by their waiting. Sheldon lets it slip to Penny and the mothers that her engagement ring is a recycled and recut diamond drill bit. Leonard also becomes jealous that both of the mothers are doting on Sheldon and praising his accomplishments. The mothers also get into an argument after Beverly calls Mary's religious beliefs superstition. Beverly has tea with Sheldon and ponders how perhaps there were other effective ways of parenting than hers, as Mary's unconditional love yielded such an upstanding man like Sheldon. When Beverly returns, she and Mary patch things up. Beverly tries to give affection to Leonard by giving him a hug and it's enormously awkward for both of them.

Howard and Bernadette have moved into Mrs. Wolowitz's house and Stuart is still living there too. Bernadette gets fed up with the two of them along with Raj lying around and doing little to nothing. She then forces them to get up and clean the kitchen. While the three of them are cleaning the kitchen, Raj tells Howard that Bernadette acts like his mother and says it's not a healthy relationship. Howard decides he should try to clean the kitchen like an adult but does a poor job. The three men eventually break out into a rendition of "It's the Hard Knock Life" from "Annie" as they carry on with their cleaning.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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