The Big Bang Theory S8E24 (S8 Finale) - "The Commitment Determination" Recap

Sheldon and Amy are having the fifth anniversary of their first date and hurts Amy's feelings by being more focused on whether he should start watching "The Flash" instead of on her. Sheldon asks Leonard and Penny for advice on what happened but it doesn't help him much.

Raj begins to get freaked out by Emily's morbid tastes and contemplates breaking up with her. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Howard and Bernadette advise him to just do it but Raj tells them they are just as afraid about hurting people's feelings since they want Stuart to move out but they haven't told him.

Sheldon points out that Leonard and Amy have yet to pick a date, making the pair feel flustered. They make some decisions on things they want for their wedding but still have yet to set a date. They then decide to run away to Vegas to elope.

Howard and Bernadette try once again to tell Stuart they want him to move out and try their hardest not to lose their nerve but they then back out of doing so when they learn it's his birthday. Meanwhile, Raj gets freaked out again because Emily wants to have sex in a graveyard. In the middle of their graveyard-picnic, he not only chickens out of breaking up with her but he tells her that he loves her.

Leonard and Penny are on their way to Vegas but Leonard then admits to Penny that he drunkenly kissed another woman two years ago while on the boat in the North Sea. He wants to start his marriage to Penny with a clean slate. Though Penny is upset, she eventually seems to forgive him because they weren't engaged at that point.

Amy and Sheldon Skype and she says she needs time to rethink their relationship because it's been hard to be patient for all these years. After she hangs up, it's revealed that Sheldon had bought an engagement ring for Amy and now doesn't know what to do with it.

The Big Bang Theory will return for season 9 on CBS.


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