The Flash S01E23 Recap: Fast Enough (Season Finale)

Barry Allen may be the fastest man alive. He has been working for a long time to get justice for his mother, and to free his father, and that day is today. Barry confronts Wells finally. He wants to know the truth, why Eobard/Wells killed his mother. Wells hates him, not the him now, but in the future. They hated each other a lot, and they fought, but neither could defeat the other. Wells learned his secret, and he decided to go back into time and to kill Barry. But Future Barry followed him back. They both landed some great shots, but Future Barry managed to save his younger self. Then Wells thought, what if Barry was dealt a devastating blow. It could be enough to derail the superhero. So he killed Barry's mother, and he was free he thought. He would be able to return to the future without a Barry Allen. He ran into a snag, he lost his way, he couldn't get home. He had lost his ability. So the only way to return was to create the Flash. He had to help Barry harness his gift so that he could create a stable space time worm hole so he could go back home. Barry doesn't see why he would do that. Wells offers him a way to save his mother from death, save his mother from prison. Barry refuses, with rage in his heart. Wells understands why Joe and his father look at him with such pride, and he's now giving Barry the chance to right Wells's wrongs, to negate his evil.

Dr. Stein thinks that the paradox that Wells is giving him is an interesting proposition. Caitlin sees it as a no brainer, to be reunited with someone you love. Dr. Stein explains, the night that Barry's mother died, he went back and saved himself made a parallel universe, like when Barry traveled recently. Joe points out that he only changed one day that time. Dr. Stein tells them to imagine 15 years being changed. One different decision has a butterfly effect. Nothing would be as it is today, and none of them would remember it. Barry thinks about it. If he goes back and changes his mother's death his father would never go to prison, and he would never go to live with Joe and Iris. Cisco wonders if there would be a him. If Caitlin would be with Ronnie. Dr. Stein tells them that there is no way to tell what there would be. Joe tells Barry that he has to do this, that there isn't a choice, he needs to change the past.

Barry follows Joe out of the room. Barry wants clarification, that he wants him to do it. Joe thinks that its the right thing. Its the chance to get back both of his parents. Barry points out that he won't have a father, but he will Joe tells him. He'll have back his father. It's time to undo the wrongs Wells caused, its why he became a super hero, to put things right. He's saved a lot of people this past year, and now its time to save himself. Oh the feels.

Barry pay his father a visit. His father thinks it sounds crazy to turn back time. Barry isn't planning on turning back time, but actually going back. Joe thinks he should do it, but his dad doesn't. Things happen for a reason. He believes that, he's had to believe it. Barry wants to save his mother. His father knows that by saving her, it will change their past, and he fears that it will change Barry. He's so proud of the man that Barry has become, and if by going back he changes what makes Barry special, he knows that his mother would never want that. As much as he loves his wife, he doesn't want her back at his son's expense.

Caitlin looks over Ronnie. He admits to her that he's back for more than just Barry. He wants Caitlin back. He thinks that he's in control of his powers enough, and he loves her.

Barry does some heavy thinking on the roof, when Iris finds him. She's done plenty of her own thinking up there, when she wasn't having some clandestine meetings with the Streak. She and Barry share a laugh about it, before she turns to more serious matters. She asks if he plans to undo it. Barry hasn't decided yet, its a big decision. Iris thinks how his life would be different, how theirs could be different. They might even be married, Iris West-Allen. I vote a big no to saving the mom if this is the future. Barry tells her that won't happen. Living with her, growing up with her made it hard to admit his feelings for her, but it also made him love her, to have a family with her and Joe. Iris thinks that he should stop thinking about everyone else, and think about himself.

Barry goes down to see Wells, who admits that it took him longer to decide than he had anticipated. Barry asks how the grand plan would work. Wells tells him they'll use the particle accelerator, but this time it'll work. And this time instead of two particles smashing into each other, there will be just one. If Barry can go fast enough, when he smashes into the particle, it'll tear a hole in reality, making a portal that will connect this time into infinite times. Barry can travel to the past to his mother's time and save her, or to the future to Eobard's time. If he doesn't run fast enough, he'll die.

Dr. Stein looks over Wells's plan, and how it should work. Barry asks Cisco for his opinion. Cisco thinks that it looks pretty sound, but isn't sure why Barry would ever consider doing this. Caitlin asks the real question, for this to work how fast does Barry actually have to run. Mach 2, which is faster than Barry has ever had to run. Barry tells them not to worry about how fast he' needs to go, he needs something else. Cisco isn't really into the thought of helping Barry kill himself.

Barry needs a time machine. He explains that Wells gets his speed back at times, but can't control it since he killed Barry's mom. The wheel chair was helping him discharge himself. Wells has most of the parts for the machine to get him home, they just need to put it together. Ronnie looks over the pieces. Cisco reminds him that its not an Ikea bookcase. Ronnie notices an issue with the parts. Made out of tungsten, the heat from the worm hole could pose a problem. Cisco heads down to confer with Dr. Evil.

Cisco pays Wells a visit. He asks how he fit his Reverse Flash suit into a ring, but he rally doesn't want to know, while he paces. Wells looks over the schematics, and sees that Ronnie was correct. Cisco is brilliant, and he tells him that there are so many times that he wished that Cisco was with him while he rebuilt the accelerator. Cisco tells him that doesn't change the fact that his little time sphere will blow. Wells gives him an alternative to the tungsten that will work, and Cisco goes to try that. He turns his back on Wells, and Wells asks him if that is all. Cisco doesn't know what to say. Wells thought of all of them that Cisco would understand, he doesn't belong back in this barbaric time. He feels like he's living among the dead. Cisco asks if that's what he told himself when he killed him. Wells is confused. Cisco explains it was an alternative time line that Barry reset. The memory kept coming back to him, the way he looked when he called him a son, before he crushed his heart with his fist. Wells apologizes. He's not sorry for killing him, he's sure that he had a reason. He's sorry that he was able to see the vision, but it confirms his thoughts. The night that the particle accelerator exploded, Cisco was affected too. Cisco doesn't believe him, he doesn't want to. Wells tells him not to be afraid, a great and honorable destiny awaits him. He only hopes that he remembers who gave him that life, and that it was given out of love. Cisco cannot get out of there fast enough.

Dr. Stein moves Eddie from the work station that he's seated at. It's running some very important calculations. Eddie goes to leave, but Dr. Stein stops him. Everyone has an important contribution to make. Eddie admits that he doesn't. Wells was very clear that he doesn't matter in the future one bit. He doesn't save the day or get the girl. Dr. Stein is surprised that he believes it. He had a newspaper from the future. Dr. Stein has a mug that says World's Greatest Boss, that he's sure his teaching assistant would find misleading. They're dealing with a lot of big scientific ideas today, but he still thinks that Eddie may be the most interesting thing at STAR Labs. Stein points out what would be the likelihood that Wells gets stuck in the past with his numerous Greats, great grandfather. A part of his plan to get home would mean that he would have to protect Eddie. Its a big scientific unicorn of coincidence, one that no scientist can plan for. Eddie is an anomaly. He's the only person in the whole story that gets to choose his own future. The computer shows a big giant problem. Stein alerts the rest of the team. The calculations show that there is a danger. Wells didn't tell them everything. Even if Barry reaches the speed, the collision could create a singularity, a black hole. They could not only destroy Central City. If they can't control it, they could destroy everything.

Wells knows that there is a risk. Stein doesn't think that causing world wide destruction is a risk. Joe points out that his accelerator hasn't exactly been trusty so far. Wells has been fighting Metahumans with them for a long time, and before that he had been planning this for years. Cisco needs more assurance that they're not opening up a black hole in Central City. When the wormhole stabilizes then Barry will have almost two minutes to save his mother, and return to this time. Plenty of time to close the wormhole, but not enough time to stop Eobard from returning to his time. It leaves no time for error, but Wells has confidence in Barry, he always has. He wonders if Barry's other friends and family have that same confidence in him.

Barry struggles with the decision. If he doesn't run fast enough then he's dust. If he does run fast enough, and doesn't get back in time he destroys the world. He asks Joe if he still thinks that its best that he goes back. Joe admits that he's unsure. He was faking the confidence earlier, its par for the parenting course sometimes. He just didn't want Barry to not try because he was worried about him. Barry will always worry about Joe, as Joe will always worry about Barry. He's sorry that he can't stop that. He asks if Joe thinks that he can do this, if he can save his mom, if he's fast enough. Joe doesn't hesitate, he does. Barry has dreamed his whole life of saving his mother, saving his father. He never thought to do so that he'd have to sacrifice one of his parents. He was so focused on that loss, he never considered what he gained that night. He was borne with one father, that tragedy gave him another. He doesn't think he could lose him now. Joe is sure that he will never lose him.

Eddie goes to see Iris at work. She thought that he would be at STAR Labs. He was hungry, so he went for dim sum take out, but also to remind him of something. A year ago, he had a date with a dancer. They had plans to meet at the restaurant, but she had to cancel. Eddie had dinner there anyways, and when he was walking home he met Iris. Someone just told him how powerful coincidence can be, that some had to happen. Everyone has been so focused on Barry's destiny, that he forgot that he had one too. He sees now that Iris is his destiny. He tells her, screw the future, and kisses her.

Stein explains the Ronnie that before he could go off to college his father made him become a Rabbi, so the ceremony will be legit. Caitlin walks out clad in white. They skip the hebrew, and Ronnie gives Caitlin a ring. Caitlin doesn't need a real one. She doesn't care about all the tragedy that has happened, because it lead them here, and he's all she needs. Stein pronounces them man and wife, and Ronnie kisses his bride while the others watch on.

Caitlin hugs Barry to say goodbye. Cisco tells Barry to remember that there will be three of him. He tells him to wait until the other him saves the younger him before he saves his mother. Barry hugs Joe, his father goodbye. Iris kisses Barry on the head goodbye, before going back to Eddie. Barry heads into the Particle Accelerator. Stein's voice comes over the intercom reminding him that if he does reach the speed he needs to he'll have less than two minutes to save his mother and get back. Wells speaks to him last. He has confidence in him that he will be able to do this, and get him back. He tells Barry to run, as he has done so many times. The machine starts up, and Barry starts running faster than he ever has before. The room shakes, and they worry about the accelerator, but Cisco tells them that Barry just hit Mach 2. As Barry runs he sees moments of the past, and the future. Wells tells him that he's seeing the speed force, his past, present and future. He needs to focus it to get back, to think about his mother. As Barry sees his mother, Stein's coffee does the floaty thing. Wells sees the fruition of his plan. Stein tells him to inject the hydrogen particle, and Barry disappears. The worm hole opens. It's stable for the moment, and the clock starts.

In the past Barry watches the events unfold, waiting for his time. He sees himself and Eobard battling, he watches himself come in and take himself. It's time to save his mother, but he turns his back, letting Eobard stab her again. When Eobard leaves, Barry goes in. His mother is dying. He comforts her, telling her that her son is safe. She asks who he is, and he tells her that he is the Flash. He removes his mask. She tells him that he looks just like her father. He tells her that it won't make any sense, but he's her boy. He got a second chance to come back, to tell her that he's okay, he and his dad are okay and they love her. She tells him goodbye, with a smile on her face. Barry weeps over his mother.

In present day, the clock continues its count down. It's time to say goodbye to Harrison Wells. Wells marvels at the time machine. Rip Hunter would be proud, he was the first one to build one of them. A helmet comes out of the worm hole, and that's his cue to leave. Wells thanks Cisco, who tells him not to ever come back. Wells gets inside of his machine, powers it up, and prepares to go to the past. 30 more seconds on the clock. Home is just on the other side. Barry comes flying through the worm hole, smashing Wells's machine. Stein tells Caitlin to shut down the worm hole. Wells doesn't understand why he didn't save his mother, he could have had everything that he ever wanted. Barry already does. The pair fight as Caitlin and Ronnie run to shut down the generator. Ronnie is hit with a blast, and knocked back as Caitlin hits the power just in time. Ronnie seems to be okay. Wells gets the upperhand on Barry. He tells him that after he kills him he's going to kill his father. In the end he always wins. There's a gunshot, and Wells lets Barry go. Eddie shot himself in the heart. He took his own destiny in his hand, there are no such things as coincidences he says. Cisco explains that as Eobard's ancestor, if Eddie dies then Eobard never exists. He's being erased. Eddie is a hero, that's all he ever wanted to be, a hero to Iris. He dies in Iris's arms. Eobard turns to Barry. He's controlled Barry's life for so long, he asks how will Barry get along without him. Eobard disappears in a hail of light, and the worm hole begins to reopen. They have to go, and now. Iris doesn't want to leave Eddie's body, but they don't have a choice as the worm hole becomes a black hole. There is panic in the streets. Captain Cold, and Hawkgirl all see black hole. Its like the tornado, but bigger, upside down and scarier. Barry has to try to stop it. Barry's' father sees him from his cell as he runs straight up and into the black hole to try to stop it.

And that is how you wrap up a successful first season. That ending was amazing.


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