The Following S3E10 - "Evermore" Recap

It's Joe Carroll's execution day and the preparations are underway. There's protestors outside the penitentiary and Joe still has his newly fashioned and sharpened weapon from the sunglasses he absconded. As Joe gets moved, he kills some guards and takes three hostages whom he barricades in the execution room with him. He informs the FBI and makes his demands, one of which is for Ryan Hardy to arrive in the next two hours or else everyone will die.

Theo retrieves his sister from a run-down house and kills the man with whom she was keeping company after he tries to stop Theo. Once his sister wakes, Theo fills her in on everything that's happened lately, including his killing Strauss and Ryan being after them. There's a plan but they're interrupted by the news involving Joe Carroll and his hostages.

Gwen calls Ryan before he's going to enter. She doesn't want him to go in and tries to tell him about being pregnant but he tells her to share her news after he's returned. He tells Mike and Max to look after each other if anything should happen to him. Ryan meets Joe at the door of the room he's barricaded in and Joe wants him to cuff himself but Ryan only agrees to do so once Joe has released the hostages. Joe only releases one but it's good enough for Ryan. Joe tazes Ryan once he gets inside.

Theo tells his sister how he needs the code which will give him the name of someone that can give him his anonymity back. She doesn't approve of him going after Ryan, saying it's too dangerous and that he'd be better off just disappearing.

Joe wants to have a conversation with Ryan. Joe is insistent that he and Ryan are soulmates and wants to stage an intervention that will force Ryan to admit some hard truths about himself. Joe threatens to cut out one of the hostage's eyes and Ryan then admits that Joe is in his dreams and in the dreams, they are friends who drink together and Joe teaches him to kill. This makes Joe remove the wire he had secured around Ryan's neck and says he's the only one who knows the real Ryan. Ryan is pushed to admit that he gets satisfaction from the power of killing. Joe uncuffs Ryan, who then punches Joe who places his arms out in surrender to be cuffed.

Theo hacks the prison security network to get a look inside. As Ryan leads Joe and the hostages towards the exit, Theo's sister hacks the system to release the death row inmates. They're trapped, since the FBI team waiting is unable to get inside since the whole system is down. The hostages are overwhelmed by the inmates. One inmates takes Joe off, while the politician-hostage gets stabbed. Two inmates take the female-lawyer-hostage off but Ryan, after overpowering the inmates he was fighting, takes off after them and kills the men and leads the woman back inside.

Joe is fighting his inmate-captor and Ryan arrives as Joe is being overpowered. It's clear that he's considering letting the man kill Joe but eventually, the good in him wins out and he saves Joe. Together, they take out the last inmate. The FBI are finally able to get inside and take control back of the situation.

Theo's sister wants to disappear and for Theo to go with him. Theo says that the only way to disappear is for Ryan to die, saying his death is the key to their future. Ryan calls Gwen to tell her that he needs to stay for Joe's execution and get closure on this. Meanwhile, Theo is finally able to crack the code after his sister gives him some words of guidance. The decrypted message reveals a set of coordinates.

Ryan asks Joe why today had to happen and Joe says that Ryan is his real legacy and Joe says that know he can die knowing he will live on through Ryan, whom he considers a brother. As a parting gift, Joe gives Ryan a cryptic message that is apparently meant to help against Theo. As Joe is about to die, he observes that Ryan is in the viewing gallery. Joe's final words are, "Quoth the Raven, never more." As Joe dies from lethal injection, Ryan appears rather shaken, though perhaps this is also due to the trauma and exhaustion of the day's events. Later, Ryan heads to a bar to grab a drink, and imagines that Joe is there to share a drink with him.

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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