The Following S3E11 - "Demons" Recap

Ryan wakes up the morning after Joe's execution and must now face the repercussions of the bender he went on, namely that he went home with a random woman and hooked up with her. He goes home to Gwen and confesses what he has done. She is appalled by how far he has gone off the deep end and leaves, saying they are finished. She still hasn't told him that she's pregnant and Ryan continues to have visions of Joe.

Mark is still trying to go after Mike but Daisy stops him from attacking him on the street, as there was a security-detail present. She has another plan that she feels is a more practical approach and he agrees to do it her way. He also acknowledges that he is still Mark but likes to slip back into the Luke character when it is better suited for the situation.

Mike and Max are continuing their investigation into finding the FBI mole and Max receives a call from Gwen who tells her that Ryan is drinking again but she can't be there for him anymore. Max then heads over to check in on Ryan and tells him about a lead they've gotten regarding Theo. They've been able to track down Theo's true origin, Terrence Jackson. Theo's entire family was slaughtered, and Theo/Terrence pointed the blame on an abusive boyfriend of his mother and the boyfriend ended up dead six years later, after which Terrence disappeared.

Theo and Penny head to a wealthy and twisted resort. They must be tricky about getting in and is warned about it not being wise to get involved with these people but Theo says this is exactly what he wants. The resort is run by a woman named Eliza.

Max calls Mike over so they can work with Ryan to work on Theo's case. They're able to figure out that the murder of Theo's family was not committed by the abusive boyfriend, as a broken mirror they find in photos of the crime screen match the M.O. of a serial killer that had been active in the 1990s. The team plots to get this information out there, believing that Theo won't be able to resist going after that serial killer. Ryan later gets in trouble for going after the killer himself but he's been able to better determine the killer's psyche. The killer breaks mirrors because he thinks they will send him back to hell.

Daisy and Mark find a hacker to help track down the person who has the feed that monitors Max and their hacker is able to determine that it's someone inside the FBI but he says hacking the FBI is beyond his capabilities. Daisy says she has someone that can complete the task, thinking of Theo.

Theo and Penny have snuck into the resort and that's where it's revealed that the resort is one where people come and bring a guest they plan to kill. They manoeuvre their way to the back where they meet Eliza. Theo offers to bring her Ryan Hardy, since it's only a matter of time before she'll end up on his radar anyway, in exchange for which he plans to ask her to help his regain his anonymity. But for the time being, he just leaves his card, saying the rest of the discussion will be had another day.

Ryan is working with Agent Lisa Campbell to find the killer of Theo's family and she advises him to walk away from Gwen since their line of work doesn't leave much room for having romantic relationships. When Ryan heads downstairs, he finds the dead body of a hotel staff member killed by the serial killer with whom he'd had a run-in with. The killer makes it into Lisa's room but Ryan comes crashing in just in time to beat him up. He nearly kills the man with his own weapon before Lisa threatens to shoot him if he doesn't stop. When the man is brought in for questioning, Ryan gets him to reveal that Theo and he were friends and that Theo asked him to murder his own family except for his foster-sister Sophia (Penny) who had been taken in just for the money. The man also calls Theo a demon.

Daisy uses a way to get in touch with Theo and before doing so, warns Mark that he is perhaps the scariest man she's ever met. He says she is free to walk away now but she says she owes Mark so she will stay with him.

Tom is questioned by Agent Sloan as part of the mole-investigation and continues to lie to cover his tracks. When there's some discretions in what he says, Agent Sloan comes to his place to question him further and she figures out that he was lying. There is a brief struggle in which she is shot and ends up dead, much to Tom's horror.

Ryan returns home, hoping to find Gwen but instead discovers that she had come back while he was away to clear out her belongings from the apartment. His vision of Joe tells him that he's better off without her and offers Ryan a drink.

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