The Following S3E12 - "The Edge" Recap

Theo is not happy about meeting with Daisy but she says an opportunity has arisen for him to get to Ryan Hardy. Penny retrieves Mark, who had been hiding from a sniper vantage point. Theo considers killing Mark for sassing him but when Daisy reveals that there is a corrupt agent inside the FBI, he decides to hold off on that. For now, it looks like these evil-duos will be teaming up! Theo's willing to work together, but only on his terms.

Ryan goes to visit Gwen at the hospital, wanting to do whatever it takes to patch things up. He just wants another chance. She says that loving her isn't enough. When he makes another emotional plea to meet later to talk, she says maybe.

Tom tries to cover his tracks by coming into Max's apartment and snatching up all of the hidden cameras. He misses one for now since Max came back out so he'll have to try again later to retrieve it.

Theo gets a text from Eliza and tells Mark and Daisy they're going to help him to establish their working-together dynamic. Theo goes to meet with Eliza, rightfully believing that it's a set-up to have him killed. As Theo makes his way to the arranged spot to meet, Mark, Daisy, and Penny take out the hit-men hiding in the field who were meant to go after him. Finally, Theo takes out the last of the men  that are coming after him. He takes the lead-goon's phone in order to hack it to get to Eliza. Next, Theo is able to track down that Tom was the one to use the feed. He knows that Mark wants revenge on Mike and tasks him and Daisy with getting Tom to plug Theo's thumb drive into the FBI database which will get him his access back. Mark plans to kill Theo once he's finished with Mike.

Ryan and the rest of the team get some information that allows them to track Sophia/Penny's information. They also note that Sloan is missing. Max at first thinks she could be the mole but Mike then notes that she said she had questions so perhaps she found something regarding the Mole. As Ryan and Max follow a lead regarding past crimes with Penny's prints that lead them to a drug house. They know about the death of Josh, Penny's old flame, and are able to follow this to another lead to track down a possible location which could be a hiding spot for Theo and Sophia.

Tom returns home after learning that the FBI is looking for Sloan. Her body is still in his bathtub but before he can make any moves to dispose of the body, Mark and Daisy take a photo of him with the body and blackmail him into doing what they want, which means he needs to plug the thumb drive into the FBI server. He does this and Theo gains access. This allows him to find Eliza and he tells Penny that they need to pack up since it's time to leave and get a new identity.

Ryan and Max are staking out the possible location and Ryan heads out for a moment, taking a drink from his flask. He then gets a call from Gwen, who says she'll hang up if he lies. He admits that he's drinking again but promises her he can and will stop. She tells him he needs to not only do that but quit the FBI too. He then spots Penny so he tells Gwen he needs to call her back. Ryan and Max take off after Penny but she runs off and is able to hide. They then get a call from Mike, who tells them that Sloane's dead body has been found in the trunk of a car. Max doesn't want to leave Ryan but he pushes her to go handle things involving Sloan while he will continue his pursuit of Penny. Ryan is then revealed to have found Penny and tied her up to keep her hidden. He wants information on Theo.

Theo goes to meet with Eliza, who lets him in despite all the brutality he has wreaked. She agrees to accept his offer and he shares that he wants him and Penny to be able to disappear and live a life where no law enforcement is hunting them. She says that if anyone knows about her or her organisation's involvement, the deal is off. As Theo is leaving, his phone gets a ping that the FBI has matched her fingerprints and he leaves Penny a message warning her about it.

Ryan brings Penny back to his apartment where she admits that Theo owes her because things were supposed to get better after he had the family killed but each foster home they went to was worse than the last. She's not impressed or intimidated by him and Ryan momentarily leaves her to have a drink. He gets a call from Max who says they're going to retrace Sloan's steps to try to find her killer. At the influence of his visions of Joe, he then decides to torture her.

Tom gets a call from Mark who demands that he bring him Mike. Mike is still working with Max and advises her to go home and get some rest while he'll carry on the investigation when she gets back. She says she's going to check the surveillance footage because of how the signal went dead right as they were on to him, suggesting that perhaps he knew what they were doing.

Theo hacks surveillance footage and discovers that Ryan has Penny. Ryan decides to waterboard Penny since he read that she is terrified of water because she almost drowned when she was seven. She admits that Theo is being helped by Mark and Daisy.

Tom lures Mike away with a false lead regarding Sloan and Max finds on the surveillance footage that Tom was the one who spotted her and Mike working on the laptop feed and realises that he is the one they're after. She tries to call Mike but Tom holds him up at gunpoint before he can answer. Tom admits that he killed Sloan but that it was an accident. Mike is able to guess that Mark is waiting at the place they've driven to. Mike tries to reason with him but Tom is beyond any of that. They head inside and upon arrival, Mark makes Tom think he's going to surrender the phone but instead throws acid on his face after which Daisy shoots him dead. An emotional Mark wants to kill Mark finally, but Theo arrives and tells Mark and Daisy to drop their weapons, as he intends to trade Mike back to Ryan so he can get Penny back.

Ryan is being tormented by his visions of Joe and getting violent with Penny, waterboarding her to try to get her to talk. His torture-session is then interrupted by a call from Theo, who informs him he has Mike.

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