The Following S3E9 - "Kill The Messenger" Recap

Ryan has nightmares about Joe coming into his apartment and helping him prepare to kill Gwen. She comes to wake him and tells him to come to bed and that she doesn't want to fight anymore. Ryan is later attacked by some police officers because their computer had said that his car came up stolen with a suspect matching his description. It seems clear that Theo and his computer-hacking skills are to blame.

Theo is looking for information on Strauss' secrets. He breaks into a woman named Juliana's office, as Juliana was Strauss' go-between. The FBI is still trying to track down Theo and they're determining how he has been hiding his murders behind murder-suicides. Meanwhile, Theo is still hacking Ryan's life to throw him off balance. He even hacks the traffic lights to cause a car crash for Ryan. Theo then calls him and says that he needs to be punished. Theo is just getting started.

When Theo is unable to crack the code he retrieved from Juliana's office, he tracks down a failed Army ranger named Gary, who is also a guard at the penitentiary where Joe is imprisoned. He befriends Gary and takes him out for drinks. Theo is also shown to have been a student of Joe's when he was a professor. Theo also hacks into Gwen's work files to make it look like she's over-prescribing meds. Gwen is now having doubts about whether or not she can keep their relationship going when everything she's worked for is being threatened.

Mike is still on the hunt for Mark Gray and Mark overhears a conversation between Mike and another agent about searching for him so she gets herself assigned to the case. Mike is in Atlantic city and tracks down Daisy, who is hunting, robbing, and killing rich men in order to get by. Mark wants to kill her, except Mark is now claiming that he is Luke, saying that Mark drowned. But he agrees to spare her life for now when she says she has a way to find Mike Weston.

Theo takes Gary to enact revenge on the man who turned Gary down for the ranger program and then kills the man. Gary heads into the prison with Theo in his ear. Theo hacks the system so Gary can get in, and has Gary communicate with Joe on his behalf. Theo wants Joe to give up the key to crack the encrypted information of Strauss' secrets. Theo promises Joe that he'll keep killing in Joe's honour, which will ensure that his name lives on in infamy. But Joe isn't so ready to pass his legacy on just yet so he kills Gary and says he still has a card up his sleeve to play.

Max and Mike track down the laptop that was removed for Mark's safe house after the raid, which was never filed with evidence. Max's boyfriend Tom realises what they're going and takes off running to destroy it before they can find out hat he had it but they're still able to figure out that the laptop was in the building. Now they are under the impression that the FBI has a mole.

But Ryan needs to visit Joe following the murder of Gary. Ryan had been refusing to do so and once Joe slyly mentions Gwen, Ryan attacks him in a fit of rage. Joe is flattered to be the "most important relationship" is Ryan's life. Ryan says that Joe is just a disease that will be cured once he's been executed. When Ryan gets home, he tells Gwen he wants to make things work and reassures her that he loves her, and an emotional Gwen hides out in the bathroom with a pregnancy test that reads positive.

Meanwhile, Joe is shown to be fashioning a weapon/key/tool of some kind from a pair of sunglasses that he stole off of Gary's uniform. Could Joe be making a break for it? We'll have to wait and see!

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