Archer S6E10 - "Reignition Sequence" Recap

Archer and Lana have gotten back together and the flaunting of their affection and sexual attraction for each other disgusts Cyril, Ray, Pam, Cheryl, and Krieger, who decide to work together to break the couple up. Cyril proposes baiting Archer with someone he's incredibly attracted to, while Cheryl launches into a long-winded proposal of hiring someone to kidnap Archer and Lana's baby who will be sent to Bhutan to be trained as an assassin by Raz al Ghul.

Post-broom-closet-hookup, Lana notes how her relationship with Archer is better this time because he's more mature, caring, and focused on Lana instead of every other woman he encounters. Meanwhile, Team-Breakup is trying to figure out how to break up Archer and Lana. They're trying to find a beautiful prostitute whom Archer has never had sex with. But Krieger says they need to find a woman who holds a strong psychological hold over Archer. The only woman Archer ever cared about was Katya so they call her up and ask her to come over, which she agrees to do.

Archer is looking for Woodhouse, whom he hasn't seen in weeks, and is making preparations for a stir-Friday date with Lana. But when looking around his apartment, Archer finds Katya waiting for him. She tries to seduce him and he struggles to fight off her resists but then his sleeve catches on fire from one of the many candles she lit. Katya then aggressively begins to try to pull his clothes off, which Archer continues to resist, albeit it with much difficulty.

Lana must take the stairs (the elevator is broken) while Archer tells Katya how he is involved with Lana now, has a child with her, and is in love with his best friend. Katya must leave from the balcony and kisses Archer goodbye. Team Break-up has been watching in on everything from the surveillance footage from Krieger's hidden cameras but realises they've made a mistake at hearing everything Archer admitted. They take on running up the stairs after Lana but when they catch up, all that is admitted is that Cyril is still in love with Lana. Lana briefly gets into an argument with Archer, thinking he hasn't changed since he's drunk and hasn't cooked stirfry but when when she gets to the bedroom and finds the romantic set-up, she can't wait to get hot and heavy with Archer. But then Lana goes to the bathroom, she finds Katya's vagina in the sink. (Before Katya left, she had said that she had left something in the bathroom and Archer had promised to mail whatever it was to her).

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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