Archer S6E11 - "Achub Y Morfilod" Recap

Archer kidnaps Lana to bring her to Wales to try to patch things up following Lana's discovery of a vagina in his sink. He has left the baby with Mallory acting as babysitter. Lana is of course furious and tries to strangle Archer, causing him to crash the car into the yard of the Welsh cottage at which they'll be staying. Lana's still angry about Katja showing up but Archer insists that nothing happened between them and that their co-workers are clearly the ones to blame for her showing up to begin with. Lana seems to believe him but now she's still angry because of the fact that Archer drugged and took her away. Her temper further flares when Lana learns that there's a work element to their trip.

Archer expects them to help some Welsh separatists. They're on the run from MI5 and though Mallory had wanted Archer and Lana to do this assignment, Lana doesn't see the point in helping since England is an ally to the US. These two not-so-genius separatists had bombed a dam as retribution for some flooding that the English had done to push Welsh folks out of a small town. Lana also gets into a fight with Mallory over the fact that Mallory is trying to starve the baby into losing weight.

Lana overhears Archer talking to the two men about the fact that he didn't hook up with Katja but did share a goodbye kiss with her. But before she can get into another argument with him over this particular point, she spots an armed car, realising that the men must have been followed. Archer and Gordon, one of the men, must hide in the closet due to Archer's injured, while Lana and the other man must pose as "Randy," the alias Archer used on his fake passport.

The MI5 agent comes in to question them for the whereabouts of the Welsh terrorists. Lana is able to get the man to buy the story that her and "Randy" are there trying to save their marriage but then Archer comes crashing out of the closet because of his jealousy. Lana knocks out the MI5 agent so she and Archer can argue all their issues out but then they need to figure out what to do with MI5 agent otherwise he'll let the rest of MI5 know that the CIA are bankrolling their organisation. "Randy" whose real name is Lloyd decides that they need to kill the agent and then tries to kill Lana and Archer when they don't want to go along with it but Lana easily snatches the weapon back but now they need to fight off the larger terrorist. Lana and Archer kidnap the MI5 agent and leave the terrorists to fend for themselves.

In a side story, the rest of the team perform a surgery in order to give Ray a new hand but it ends up being that of an African-American's.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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