Archer S6E12 - "Drastic Voyage: Part I" Recap

The team must go on a mission involving a man named Dr. Kovacs. Kovacs had developed some shrinking/micro technology. Due to their abysmal track record, the team is threatened with losing their jobs if they do not complete this mission, which is to be shrunk microscopically and go into Kovacs' body in order to destroy a blood clot in his brain. Also Ray is an emotional, belligerent mess throughout the entire time because of the identity crisis his new African-American hand is causing.

Lana forces Archer to confront the fact that if they are going to die on this mission, their baby will be raised by Lana's parents and not Mallory. Archer insists that Mallory is not the worst thing that could happen to the baby. Archer is in denial over grasping the concept of his own mortality. The team makes their final preparations as they prepare to undergo the miniaturisation, which takes place successfully. The team must then prepare to be injected into Dr. Kovacs, with only 59 minutes till they will revert to their original size. But the state of the mission is put in jeopardy when Krieger comes crashing into the operating room trying to stop the procedure.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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