Archer S6E13 (S6 Finale) - "Drastic Voyage: Part II" Recap

The disoriented team gets word that they have accidentally been injected into the Doctor's foot instead of his brain like the mission had dictated. They have less than an hour to go to complete the mission and determine that the best course of action is to go into a blood vein which will whiz them up to the brain in a minute. It will feel to them like being put into hyper speed. Cyril tells Ray he should apologise to Lana for being so racist about his new hand and ray is horrified to learn that this is the impression he has been giving to everyone, saying he was upset because of it being a robot hand. Ray undoes his seatbelt but it's just then that they enter the blood vein which sends him reeling to the back of the ship and badly injured, meaning it's up to Cyril to steer the ship.

The team reaches the brain with 40 minutes left to destroy the blood clot. Lana is checking on Ray while Archer will work on the clot. They're also running out of oxygen because TV's Michael Gray snuck on board. White blood cells begin attacking the ship and Archer must head out of the ship to attack the cells himself, with Pam acting as backup since if Lana goes, it'll risk orphaning their baby. They fight off the cells, destroy the clot, and Cyril must hurry to the tear duct since the ship is on the verge of reverting to its original size. But the ship doesn't get out quite fast enough and the ship kills the Doctor. The team has now been abandoned by the CIA and are out of jobs. But Lana isn't interested in getting back in, wanting to put the life of her baby first. She also deduces that the team was set up to fail anyway since their bosses have always wanted them to fail. Archer rallies them to stay together but not under the thumb of the CIA. Mallory points out that they need to do something for money and Archer says he has a few ideas for that.

Archer will return to FX for season 7.


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