Archer S6E8 - "The Kanes" Recap

Lana and Archer take a trip to Berkeley so Lana's parents can meet their granddaughter. Lana stresses to Archer that he needs to make a better impression than the first time he met them, when showed up to dinner drunk as can be. Also, her parents are operating under the impression that Lana is studying to get her PhD (as is Archer), having no idea that their daughter is actually a spy. Lana tells Archer she'll kill him if he tells them.

Archer goes in the hot tub but is made uncomfortable when Lana's parents come in entirely naked and force Archer to be naked too. He makes things very awkward when he thinks that Lana's parents are propositioning him for a threesome when they were actually planning on sharing a secret. Things are interrupted when Lana's microbiologist father's research is stolen by a group of masked gunmen. Archer shoots after them and is able to shoot the driver which causes them to crash. Lana's parents demand to know why Archer has a gun but there's little time to talk as Archer, Lana, and Lana's father must chase the rest of the gunmen through the streets of San Francisco.

As this is going on, Krieger, Pam, Cheryl, Cyril, and Krieger's virtual girlfriend run out of gas in a rough neighbourhood while on their way to the league bowling night. Pam must then tow the car singlehandedly while no one else will help, though they certainly pretend to. Pam pushes the group to get rid of all the bowling balls so the car will be lighter and easier to tow. Cheryl does so but they end up hitting a car full of gang members. Pam recognises one of the gang members from their time in a fight club together and patches things up by promising that Krieger will fix the car while she takes him out to a titty-bar.

Lana's father reveals that his research was intended to be a new renewable fuel source out of algae which could reproduce infinitely and the only by-product would be water. It was potentially worth millions or even billions of dollars. As the chase carries on, Lana is forced to admit to her father that she is a spy. Lana's father is disappointed in Lana for not pursuing a career in science and that she could never tell her parents how she felt because of her fear of letting them down. Her father assures her that he and her mother will always love her even when she makes stupid decisions like having a baby with Archer.

Archer is preparing to ram the car full of gunmen but before doing so, he presses Lana's father to say what the secret was that he was planning on saying and it turns out it was that they wanted to invite Archer to the Kane family reunion. As the shootout was going on, they learn that the group of gunmen was a CIA-team led by Christian Slater, who says that the research is a threat to national security since it will flare up further conflict in the Middle East if no one needs their oil anymore. He then tells Lana's father to check his bank account, in which a large deposit has been sent and when he learns that this will be a monthly deposit for the rest of the life, he is more than happy to surrender his life's work. On the plane ride home, Lana apologises to Archer by hurting his feelings and not inviting him to the family reunion and Archer apologises for trying to have a three-way with her parents.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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