Archer S6E9 - "Pocket Listing" Recap

Slater is tasked with giving the group their latest assignment which involves an elaborate set-up for them to swindle the Durhani royal family. They need to steal the hand prints and retinal scans of the prince while he is going on a tour of places to potentially live in the city. Cheryl is posing as a realtor who will show him her mansion with the intent that he'll possibly buy it. Archer, Pam, and Lana are posing as butlers/maids. Archer is determined to have sex with the queen but Pam questions the state of Archer's relationship with Lana, which seems to still be up in the air. Archer is appalled to realise that Pam may very well be his best friend.

Lana is told about Archer's plan to make her jealous by Cyril, who was hoping she'd turn to him to make him jealous but instead, Lana plans to just bang the prince instead. Gillette is supposed to be on site to handle things. Ray sprays the guards with a chemical that makes them need to use the bathroom immediately while Cheryl is showing the Queen and Prince around the garden. Slater is running the show and repeatedly tranqs Krieger because he has deemed him a nuisance.

Archer is in position for the next phase of the mission but Lana is nowhere to be found, though she's supposed to be with him. Cyril tells Archer of Lana's plans to bang the prince and he takes off in a rage to try to stop her. When Lana meets the prince, he immediately becomes aroused. The Queen is set to take an elevator ride with Pam while Lana will take the prince on a more scenic route. Archer tranqs Slater and tries to find Lana while Ray must fight off a monstrous man-eating plant.

Slater and Krieger wake and find their surveillance feeds in a state of disarray. Lana is well on her way to seducing the prince but Archer tranqs the prince, making him unable to proceed with the intercourse. Slater arrives, preparing to collect the hand prints and retinal scans of the prince but Archer tranqs him and gets into an argument with Lana over the state of their unresolved feelings but then the two begin to hookup. But before they can get anything going, the queen walks in in a rage and is tranqed too, but not before she calls for the guards who come running. Slater wakes and is enraged by the disarrayed state of the mission. The group escapes through some secret passageways while Ray is shown to have successfully fought off the man-eating plant, but not without losing his hand. But Archer and Lana stay behind in a different secret room so they can hook up. Seriously.

Mallory is furious because now the Durhani ambassador will be recalled after he gives a damning speech at the UN. The group places the blame on Slater for making an overly-complicated hand and then Archer makes an insensitive joke about Ray losing his hand yet again.

Archer airs on Thursdays on FX at 10PM.


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