Beauty and the Beast S3E1 - "Beast of Wallstreet" Recap

It's been two months since Cat and Vincent fought Gabe in the season two finale. They're doing their best to get things to a normal routine. Vincent's been reinstated as a doctor and Cat reminds him on his first day to use his stethoscope to check people's heartbeats instead of using his beast abilities. They also still have the DHS agents to think about. Though the agents helped keep JT alive, they're now trying to recruit Cat for a top-secret investigation. JT is also struggling to adjust to getting back to being a professor, as he is still in physical recovery. He's also starting to lose control over the fact that he can't figure out how he's survived since he can't determine what the DHS agents did to save him. It's also putting a strain on his relationship with Tess, who wants him to stop pitying himself and figure out what he wants to do next.

Cat is conflicted about the DHS agents trying to recruit her. Cat misses being part of something bigger but she doesn't want to put Vincent's life or their relationship at jeopardy for it. Cat's keeping secret the fact that the DHS agents keep bothering her. The problem is that there's an insidious organisation mutating innocent people to give them superhuman, beast-like powers. There's people dying because of these people being unable to control these abilities. Cat tells them they need to give her more concrete proof of what they're dealing with before she gets Vincent involved.

Before heading to New York General for his first day of work, Vincent stops by JT's place to retrieve a box of things he left before heading to Afghanistan. Inside, his mother's engagement ring is waiting. Vincent tells JT that he wants to propose to Cat. Cat's meeting with Heather is cut short when the DHS agents call her in about a new lead in the form of a stock broker named Tyler. The agents and Cat meet with Tyler's wife, who is concerned about how drastically he has changed, seemingly overnight, and his aggression has been through the roof. The agents tell Cat how he escaped by jumping 60 feet from one rooftop to another. They're trying to convince Cat outside but then they're attacked by Tyler, who kills one agent and badly wounds the other. Cat of course survives the encounter relatively unscathed but she's able to spot Tyler escaping by scaling the side of a building.

Vincent had been at a fancy restaurant making preparations to propose to Cat but he gets called back in to the hospital because of an emergency. The emergency is Cat and the wounded agent whose condition is critical. Vincent is angry at Cat for keeping secrets and even more for risking her life and in turn the life they have been building together. But the argument needs to wait because Vincent needs to get to work saving Agent Thomas. Though he had hoped to keep things normal, Vincent must use his beast abilities to determine the real problem so Agent Thomas can live to fight another day.

Vincent's still upset with Cat but after getting a pep talk from JT, he comes to realise that the best thing for him to do is help with this new beast(?) situation. Upon going to visit Agent Thomas, he catches Tyler trying to strangle Thomas but stops him in time. Cat arrives at the hospital in time to find Vincent full-beast mode and taking off after jumping out the window to go after Tyler. Cat's concerned that Vincent will lose his humanity or perhaps not be strong enough to go up against this new threat. With the help of Tess, Cat catches up to Vincent, who is fighting Tyler on the roof. She stops him from killing Tyler by imploring him to remember that Tyler is ultimately an innocent who was experimented on just like Vincent was and that they'll lose each other if he crosses this line.

Cat and Vincent have a heart-to-heart later. Vincent thanks her for stopping him from killing Tyler and learns that Tyler has been moved to a secure medical facility. Cat makes him realise that whatever this organisation is, is going to keep using New York as source of lab rats to push the limits of what's possible. They have no choice but to help stop this from happening but Cat reconfirms her love for him and that they can overcome anything together because of how much they love each other. They can have each other and fight the bad guys.

After helping Cat, Tess heads to JT's to patch things up and have a drink. JT has finally give away his cane and is getting himself back on track. JT is grateful to Tess for kicking his ass a bit; it was just what he needed. He still wants to decode what the medicine was that saved him, but that's an experiment for another day, as he'd rather spend the night out for drinks with Tess.

Finally, Vincent and Cat enjoy some time together on their rooftop and Vincent finally proposes to Cat. It's beautifully simple but after all the drama that these two have been through, it's just what the doctor ordered.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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