Beauty and the Beast S3E2 - "Primal Fear" Recap

Cat and Vincent are preparing to move Vincent's things into Cat's apartment but Vincent takes off when he realises he's starting to Beast out with no real reason for it. Cat thinks that this is Vincent's way of having second thoughts about this next step in their relationship. But in-between talking with Tess about this latest hiccup in her relationship, she has also enlisted Tess to help her break into Agent Thomas' office, having swiped his keycard from the hospital. They need to track down the person(s) running these experiments.

Vincent seeks advice from JT while the two play video games. JT suggests he talk things out with Cat and that changing the subject to keep his adrenaline down can be a good thing to keep his biological extremities in check. Unfortunately, he has a mishap when he goes home to try to talk to Cat and accidentally walks in on Heather, Cat's sister, in the shower. She's upset, having just been dumped by her fiancé. When Heather says that he was afraid of commitment, Vincent has to fiddle with boxes to try to keep himself from Beasting out. The conversation is interrupted by Cat calling Vincent to say that she's found a lead in the form of a company named Effective Worldwide Solutions that does work with the military. The name sounds familiar to Vincent so they go off together in search for a courier who did deliveries for the company.

Meanwhile, Tess takes JT to meet her brothers at a shooting range and though JT is nervous and not the best shooter, his aim improves greatly when he is angered by one of Tess' brothers making some snide and sexist comments to her.

Cat and Vincent make it to the warehouse and find that the courier is dead and his killer is still there. But the killer gets away by some sort of super-electric abilities he has and uses to blow out the circuits in the building. Cat and Vincent track the man's identity down; his name is Alton Finn and he used to be a sort of tech celebrity. He has a brain tumour but now it's been manipulated so he can control electricity wirelessly.  Cat and Vincent find that Alton is after the serum that JT was given in order to keep him alive because Alton wants it for himself. Also, Alton Finn has gone to the hospital and tortured Agent Thomas into giving him the information which leads him to lure JT to the hospital to try to kill him to get the serum. Alton's in a panic because his tumour is spreading.

While Cat and Vincent are on their way to the hospital, Vincent is forced to admit that their upcoming commitments are causing some Beastly issues after Heather calls and lets it slip that she and Vincent ran into each other earlier.

JT is being forced to put a dose of the serum together but he isn't willing to let Alton have it because it could potentially save Agent Thomas instead. If Thomas is saved, they can hopefully get more information from him about these experiments being run and who is behind it all. JT manages to get away and give the dose to Thomas but that's when Alton decides to try to get a dose out of JT's blood instead. Cat, Vincent, and Tess are at the hospital and Vincent needs to beast out to break through the glass to go after Alton. Alton is preparing to do a blood transfusion from JT to himself but Vincent attacks just in time, allowing JT to get away. Cat heads in and delivers a speech telling the two to stand down. If they kill each other, they won't be able to get the answers they're looking for about who experimented on them. It works and they stop fighting. Vincent later asks Cat if she's tired of having to talk him down but she doesn't seem to mind, and is happy that they're moving forward. Vincent goes to check on Agent Thomas after hearing that he's awake. Thomas is doing better now that the serum JT made has kicked in but he needs to rest up before sharing more information. JT is shown pondering whether the serum he received will have extra side effects but Tess assures him that his standing up to her brothers was all him. She's also feeling inspired to apply for the captain position.

Cat tells Vincent he'll need to communicate more with her, particularly since they're going to be living together and getting married. He was just worried about scaring her of but she promises him it's an adjustment former too. The happy reconcilliation is short-lived once Tess calls to say that Agent Thomas has been shot and killed at the hospital.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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