Beauty and the Beast S3E3 - "Bob & Carol, Vin & Cat" Recap

Cat makes some preparations for a romantic night for her and Vincent but he falls asleep before anything frisky can happen, after a long shift at the hospital. Vincent wakes up the next morning just as Heather arrives and feels terrible about falling asleep before being able to enjoy the night Cat had prepared for her. Heather wants to help Vincent make it up to Cat, particularly since he doesn't want to hear more of Heather's plans for Cat and Vincent's wedding.

Some Homeland Security agents arrive at the office, saying they want to solve the murder of Agent Thomas. Cat wants to be able to help but she can't tell them the secret about the Beasts and other experimented-on super-humans. Tess is advised by their captain to make her final preparations for her application to make Captain.

Cat returns home and finds that Vincent has prepared a romantic dinner for them on the roof. But just as the two are discussing making more time for each other in their relationship, Vincent's Beast senses kick in and he tackles Cat so they can avoid getting hit by a gun shot. They determine that it may be the same person(s) who killed Agent Thomas.

The next morning, Cat and Vincent decide to get married in six weeks with the ceremony that Heather had planned for them. They then head to the hospital to investigate Thomas' death but end up getting arrested by the agents that have ordered them off the case. Vincent tells them about Cat being shot at and when the agents, who are married, realise that Cat and Vincent are engaged and could indeed be useful, they decide to let them help.

The team follows a lead to a drug kingpin named Espinoza. Cat and the female agent head to Espinoza's place and have to fight off some agents while downloading a copy of his computer system. Cat and Vincent take the flash drive and give it to JT to look through. JT ends up shot in the hand by a sniper looking to shot the flash drive. They also learn that Agent Bob and Carroll's office was broken into and torn apart to look for the flash drive. They decide they need to tell Bob and Carroll everything they know about Beasts. They head home and find Heather waiting with loads of wedding options for Cat to choose from. But Heather leaves in tears when she realises that she's been making decisions for her own wedding that won't be happening instead of the simple sort that Cat would want.

Vincent tells Cat that it was a bad idea to rush into telling Bob and Carroll and that they should hold off, saying he's got a bad feeling about this. She tries calling them but it goes straight to voicemail. JT calls to say he has looked over the bullet and determined that there are two shooters. One shooter shoots the bullet from their weapon, while the other shoots the bullet mid-flight to re-direct it to the target. They then realise that Bob and Carroll are the shooters but since they're coming over, they need to determine what they want. Meanwhile, Bob and Carroll are shown to be planting a bomb on Vincent's boat, which Vincent still hasn't gotten rid off.

Vincent hides a knife behind his back just as Bob and Carroll arrive at Catherine's boat. They've already determined that Bob and Carroll must have been experimented on to speed up their brain processing, which means that they can anticipate moves. Eventually, they confront Bob and Carroll, wanting to know who they work for. They're not willing to talk so it's time for them to fight. It's difficult for Cat and Vincent to get the apprehend but Vincent beasts out, and with the clock ticking from the bomb, the two take off running. Vincent senses the bomb's presence so he grabs Cat and the two jump off the boat, safely into the harbour.

Cat and Vincent decide to save the Bob and Carroll problem for another day and decide that they shouldn't rush their wedding. They'll also cover the boat explosion by claiming a gas leak.

Tess goes before the board to determine whether she can make captain. They're not happy that she doesn't have letters of recommendations but she has a good excuse; arresting Julio Espinoza after raiding his place and finding a weapons stash. She makes captain and calls JT to invite him out to celebrate. JT then undone the bandage on his hand and finds that his bullet wound has healed inexplicably fast.

Cat makes up with Heather, who is apologetic for trying to pawn off her busted wedding onto Cat. Cat just wants to make sure that her sister is okay. They note that engagements can't be rushed. Bob is shown to be preparing to shoot Cat from a sniper point but Carroll stops him, saying they might need Cat to find "him," and that they can't go back to "them" empty-handed, adding that this job is not longer just a clean-up but about saving their asses instead.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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