Community S6E13 (S6 Finale) - "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television" Recap

The study group has finished six years at Greendale and the Dean arrives in a silly outfit to ensure that it's been a proper school year. Elroy leaves to go look up an old flame while the rest of the group heads out to a bar to celebrate. There, the group imagines what a hypothetical season seven would look while they discuss what exactly makes up Community. Abed imagines having Shirley back, while the Dean imagines she'll come back along with Elroy and a third black member of the group but things quickly escalate to him getting a bit racist. Chang's pitch involves the addition of an animated ice-cube-head character with superpowers.

Annie comes in and lets everyone know that she got a summer internship with the FBI and will be gone for the summer, leaving her return to Greendale following it to be unclear. Jeff then imagines the group with none of the original members except for himself. The new members are secondary characters previously seen attending Greendale and a cameo by Seth Green who is playing a millionaire who purchased the school. The thought makes Jeff reconsider his disdain for the season seven pitches and decide he wants to join in.

Jeff pitches a version of the show where Annie comes back to solve the double-murder of Britta's parents. Britta pitches a weirdly pretentious version where they're trying to save the world, dismantle the government, or something like that. Frankie imagines a dull version where everyone is ultra well-behaved and entirely on task. Jeff finally poses another pitch where Annie stays at Greendale as a teacher, which she seems keen on. It's then that Abed announces he's going to be moving to Los Angeles because he was offered a job on an upcoming FOX series. This causes Jeff to imagine a version of the show where there are many clones of Abed, which he proceeds to strangle one by one.

Jeff heads back to Greendale, where he imagines being settled down with Annie and they even have a child together. But it's then that this version of Annie points out that Jeff has no idea what it is that Annie wants for her future. Annie shows up to campus and Jeff notes that he wishes he could be young again and Annie wishes that she could be settled into a later stage of adulthood. The one thing they agree on is that the Marvel films are overrated. They kiss each other goodbye before the rest of the study group shows up. Frankie suggests that everyone imagine their own version of season seven but none of them can be cut to or else they won't come true. But they do show Jeff's, which involves being with a table of red-heads. Jeff expresses his joy at meeting everyone and they all share a group hug, with Chang tearfully proclaiming that he's "for-real-gay."

Jeff drives Annie and Abed to the airport, at which they will take off on their respective adventures. He then joins the rest of the remaining group members at the bar.


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