Dinah Nah - "Taste Your Love" Review

Our favourite Pink Lady, Dinah Nah, is back with another single to get us shaking it in all the Swedish clubs. Dinah Nah's Melodfestivalen song, "Make Me (La La La)," was the stand-out banger of the whole contest and was utterly robbed by coming in last place at the finals. Swedes struggle to know what to do with a banger (how else can we explain the whole Slayce Wilder Melodifestivalen 2014 debacle?), and there have been rumblings from Euro-pop fans clamouring for Dinah Nah to come gig at their local (gay) clubs so get on it, club-owners, and book this glamorous pop-Queen!

Dinah Nah's pink hair may be her signature at the moment but what she should first and foremost be remembered for is making killer tracks. "Taste Your Love" is an entirely on-point follow-up single. Dinah Nah is an excellent vocalist, something listeners might not expect considering the highly produced sound of her songs (unless you're listening to acoustic versions of those songs). "Taste Your Love" starts off with the levels low, before building its way up to its mainstream EDM chorus with a killer hook and potentially salacious lyrics, not that we're complaining. A little tongue-in-cheek never hurt anybody. The music video is also a commendable visual accompaniment, as Dinah and her back-up dancers dance out in the middle of nowhere, giving the glossy song a delightfully grungy edge.

This is just the sort of song we've been wanting to hear to get us pumped up for the Rix FM tour. Dinah Nah herself will be appearing on this tour so check out the full line-up to see which cities you can catch her at!


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