Halt and Catch Fire S2E5 - "Infiltrator" Review

It was inevitable that Joe and Cameron would be reunited at some point and tonight was the night. While Donna continues to keep her pregnancy a secret, Gordon gets some bad news that may threaten to blow up the idyllic fantasies he had going after his big payoff.

We first catch up with Cameron enjoying some post-coital bliss with her new-found beau Tom. It's refreshing to get to see a brighter, less burdened side of Cameron. Though we do enjoy her biting sass, it's nice to get to see a wider range from her. But her good mood is squashed when she learns the  deal to use more servers has been set up by both Gordon and Joe, the two people who she has no love lost for. The reunion between Cameron and Joe didn't pack quite the bang we'd have expected from them. But given the circumstances, professionalism was demanded from the both of them. They're both looking to prove something, with Cameron set on making Mutiny grow and succeed, while Joe wants to prove his worth to his future father-in-law.

But Joe's wedding may be over before it's even begun. Once Sarah gets a glimpse of the old Joe, the one with the ability to be slick and talk anyone into anything, she doesn't seem to be as keen on him. So she asks to slow down their relationship, and just as Joe had signed the prenup to prove how all he really wanted is her! It's interesting to see the re-shaping of Joe this season. It leaves us pondering just who the real Joe is. Is it the trouble-maker of season one or the seemingly reformed man we see in season two?

Donna and Gordon both have heavy burdens to bear. While Donna struggles to decide what to do regarding her pregnancy, she has yet to share the good(?) news with anyone. Her quiet torment is beautifully acted, as we feel the weight of her bracing herself for what's to come with trying to juggle new-motherhood once again along with her career with Mutiny. It's nice to see her confide in Boz when he discovers the pregnancy test and falsely assumes it's Cameron's. As for Gordon, he's left with perhaps the worst news of anyone; that he has irreparable brain damage that may yet worsen. We've been watching Gordon unravel heavily this season and it'll probably be difficult to watch him further spiral. When will Gordon hit rock-bottom? We'll have to stay tuned to find out.

Halt and Catch Fire airs on Sundays on AMC at 10PM.


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