Hannibal S3E1 - "Antipasto" Recap

Hannibal has built a new life for himself in Paris. He had to go on the run once the truth about his eating habits came to the attention of Will and Jack. He's also still keeping Gideon alive, who may be being slowly eaten away, but at least Hannibal has someone to exchange pretentious, poetic ramblings with over his gourmet meals.

But Gideon isn't the only one Hannibal has to keep him company. Bedelia du Marier is also on the run with him. She had asked him to help her with the murder he had trapped her in and now she won't be getting away from him any time soon. After spending time together in Paris, it's time to go through the Alps and then into Italy. Bedevil can't outright attempt to escape but after buying two bottles of Puligny-Montrachet and some white truffles, she sits to enjoys her treats where she could theoretically be spotted for those who may be searching for her.

Hannibal encounters a poet named Anthony Dimmond, whom he had previously met in Paris. The conversation is polite and Hannibal invites Anthony to have dinner with him and his wife (Bedelia). Anthony notices that Bedelia is avoiding eating her meats but she skirts the issue. Much to Bedelia's surprise, Hannibal doesn't do away with Anthony, who leaves the dinner none the wiser.

But later, Hannibal meets Anthony again and finds that he is hoping Hannibal will go running around with him across Europe, thanks to some seeds planted by Bedelia. Hannibal takes him back to his place and promptly kills him for his next meal. He asks why she put this man on this path and she says that she was simply curious to see what would happen. Twisted minds think alike!

Hannibal airs on Thursdays on NBC at 10PM.


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