Hannibal S3E3 - "Secondo" Recap

Hannibal returns home and shares with Bedelia about his roundabout run-in with Will. She wants to see if Hannibal can forgive Will, who is shown to be climbing a fence and crossing a field in Lithuania. There, he finds a gravestone inscribed, "Lecter," and apparently Will has found Hannibal's childhood home where he hopes to uncover the mysteries of what led Hannibal to be the man he now is. Will fantasises asking Hannibal if this is where it all began but the fantasy is interrupted by a gunshot at the hands of a woman named Chiyoh, whom Will follows and watches cut up the duck she has just shot.

Hannibal is also shown to be slicing meat, but it's a human arm instead. His dinner guest is an Italian academic, Sogliato, who had challenged Hannibal's knowledge of Dante in the first episode of this season. As revenge for this, Hannibal stabs him with an ice pick through his eye socket. Sogliato laughs from the injury and goes blind, until Bedelia moves over to pull the pick out, to which Hannibal tells her that she is technically the one who killed him.

Back at the church where Hannibal and Will had their run-in, Jack Crawford is there and tells Inspector Pazzi that he is there to find Will. Will understands Hannibal and is trying to reason with him but Hannibal is not someone Jack feels can be reasoned with.

Will heads into the Lecter estate and finds a cave in which a starving man is being held captive in a cage. Chiyoh holds Will at gunpoint and Will expresses concern for the man's well-being. She's not going to let Hannibal interrupt her ability to torture the man. Chiyoh tells Will that the man in the cage is the one who killed and ate Hannibal's sister, Misha, in front of Hannibal.

Hannibal gives Bedelia a bath and washes her hair. Bedelia is shown to know about Misha and even gets Hannibal to admit that Misha influenced his decision to forgive Will. But she makes him realise that based on his past behaviour, there is only one way he will ever forgive Will, and Hannibal admits that he will have to eat Will.

When Chiyoh goes to sleep, Will frees the man from captivity. But the man doesn't run off to enjoy his freedom; he attacks Chiyoh, who is able to get her knife into his throat. Chiyoh tells Will that he is like Hannibal in that he was curious what the man would do. Will denies this accusation and is offended by the comparison, though Chiyoh says that Hannibal would be proud of him. She's understanding of his actions, however, and says that she'll help Will find Hannibal.

Hannibal airs on Thursdays on NBC at 10PM.


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