Hannibal S3E4 - "Aperitivo" Recap

When last we saw Frederick Chilton, he was shot in the face by Miriam Lass. He survived the injury but suffered extensive damage to his face so now he must put on various forms of make-up and covering devices to hide his injuries. Chilton wants revenge, and is ready to team up with Mason Verger to do it. Mason, you'll remember, also suffered from facial injuries courtesy of Hannibal drugging and manipulating him into eating his own face. After they reveal their true faces to one another, we learn that Mason wants information on Hannibal and is offering a million-dollar reward for it. But after their conversation, Mason decides he doesn't want to work with Chilton, so Chilton will have to look elsewhere.

Chilton goes to visit Will in the hospital, offering an opportunity to team up and catch Hannibal, the man who maimed them. Will is suffering from visions of the dead Abigail Hobbes, despite the fact that it's Chilton visiting him. Still, Will turns down his offer.

Next, he goes to visit Alanna Bloom, who is also still alive but terribly injured after being thrown out a window. She doesn't exactly jump at the opportunity to team up with Chilton, but it doesn't necessarily sound like an outright "no" either. She later heads to Hannibal's house on a hunch that turns out to be right, as she finds Will sitting there. He wants to be alone to stew in his misery and mourn the death of Abigail.

It turns out Alanna isn't ready in the slightest to forget or forgive Hannibal's misdeeds. She's set on hunting down Hannibal and takes on Mason Verger as a patient. Mason is claiming he's found Jesus now and that he has forgiven Hannibal. He's insistent that finding Hannibal is not about seeking revenge. So he and Alanna will have to agree to disagree on that one.

Jack's post-Hannibal showdown is arguably the most and least peaceful of the group. He seems most set on genuinely wanting to move on both personally and professionally where Hannibal is concerned. Now he's focusing on his dying wife Bella, who is still sick. Thankfully, he is able to spend her last moments with her. He puts together a beautiful funeral for her and imagines Bella walking down the hall as if it were their wedding day. But when Will comes to visit him in the church, Jack finds a note on one of the flower bouquets around Bella. The name is written with elegant penmanship. Jack tells Will he know what is coming for him but adds that Will doesn't have to die on him too.

Meanwhile, Alanna is scheming with Mason on how to find Hannibal. She's plotting for the "theatre" of Hannibal's death and proposes finding him by tracking his expensive tastes. Of course a man of his preferences would have settled in Europe so now they just need to follow the wine and truffles. When Jack heads to Will's place, he only finds Alanna waiting, with a clear message that Will knows what he has to do. Will is shown to be setting sail on his boat, likely in search of Hannibal.

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