Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E15 - "One Door Closes" Recap

Flashback to the day SHIELD fell. Mack is being held captive by Hydra double agents until Isabelle Hartley and Bobbi show up and rescue him. They've infiltrated the aircraft under Nicky Fury's order to save the commanding officer, Robert Gonzales, after which they are to sink the ship and the cargo. This is SHIELD's last chance to survive against Hydra. After finding Gonzales, they struggle to help him given his severe leg injury. Bobbi plans for Hartley to clear the way for Mack so Gonzales can be rescued while she'll sink the ship but when Hartley finds other SHIELD agents fighting back against Hydra, she and Mack convince Bobbis and Gonzales that they need to help the remaining agents instead of killing them by sinking the ship. Thus begins this other branch of SHIELD, that is designed to fight against Fury and all his secrecy.

In present day, Bobbi steals the "toolbox" that Nick Fury gave Coulson but gets confronted by May while Coulson is confronting Mack about his allegiances. Bobbi and May fight, and back-up arrives to help May. But Bobbi sets off some back-up off her own, allowing her and Mack to escape. May tells Coulson that Bobbi's gotten away with Fury's toolbox and is claiming to be working for the "real" SHIELD.

When Bobbi checks in with Gonzalez, we learn that they are looking for Skye. Skye is still at "The Retreat," a safe house designed by Brunce Banner for people with abilities. She tries on the gloves that Simmons designed to help inhibit her new earthquake powers. Though they are effective in that regard, they also cause Skye to grow light-headed. She is then visited by Gordon, the man without eyes who has the ability to teleport. He tells her that her abilities are a gift that can be used for good, and tap into the vibrations of all things. He offers to take her to a safe haven where she'll be free to learn to control her abilities, and promises to return if/when she decides to accept.

Simmons is able to apprehend Bobbi by playing on Bobbi's underestimation of her. Meanwhile, Mack corners Fitz and implores Fitz to trust him. But May discovers a gas mask among Bobbi's possessions and realises that Bobbi and Mack had never planned on escaping. It's then that dendrotoxin gas fills the base and everyone except for May is knocked unconscious. The "real SHIELD" agents infiltrated the base and seize control.

Agent Tomas Calderon is able to retrieve Skye's locations and sends a team to find her. Bobbi tags along with that team. At the cabin, Skye removes her glove and learns that Gordon was right when she finds she is able to manipulate water. A little while later, May calls her to warn her that this team is coming after her. She tells Skye about a panel to bring down the cabin's grid and tells her she believes in her.

Gonzales has a meeting with Coulson, saying that he wants Coulson's help in opening Fury's toolbox so that none of Fury's secrets can harm SHIELD or the world itself again. Coulson is not interested in helping and refuses. May breaks in and knocks out Gonzales before helping Coulson escape, telling him to find Skye. She then surrenders herself to Agent Anne Weaver.

The "real" SHIELD team arrives at the cabin and Bobbi orders the other agents to use icers instead of real bullets because Skye is an agent just like them. Agent Calderon has had one too many bad experiences with gifted individuals so he tries to shoot Skye with a real gun. Naturally, skye tries to defend herself but given her lack of control over her abilities, she ends up bringing down a large chunk of the forest when she deflects the bullet back onto Agent Calderon. Bobbi also ends up knocked down from the blast. An emotional Skye calls out to Gordon for help and he immediately appears, asking if she wants to go home. She agrees and then he teleports her away.

Finally, Coulson meets up with Lance Hunter in a tropical bar. Hunter agrees to become a permanent agent for SHIELD and together, the pair begin plotting their next move.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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