Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E18 - "The Frenemy of my Enemy" Recap

With the help of Coulson and Hunter, Fitz is able to run away form his tail and get to the quinjet on the roof of a parking structure. Mike Peterson is still the pilot. They fill him in on their progress tracking Skye and their plan to work with Ward to get Skye back.

Cal meets with Jiaying and shares how he's grateful to have had time with Skye but regrets that she still fears him, something Jiaying reminds him is his own fault. She plans to have him sent away but leads him to believe that Gordon will be taking him off to get some more of his belongings.

Skye shares her concerns with Lincoln that sending Cal away will only result in people getting hurt because he'll get upset. Lincoln advises her to talk to Jiaying about it.

Bobbi is training with Mack and shares how she thinks that focusing so much on Coulson may not be the best use of their resources, especially since Hydra is still a very real threat. Mack believes that Simmons is stalling regarding opening the box. Simmons admits to May about duplicating the box and giving the real one to Fitz. May is upset but says that she will handle it.

Coulson, Hunter, Fitz, and Mike track down Agent 33 (Palamas) and Ward. Turns out the two have been shacking up together and have gotten quite cozy. While Mike keeps his eye on Palamas, Coulson has a sit-down with Ward. He needs Ward to call in some favours and has a deal to offer. Ward will infiltrate Hydra and in exchange, Ward will go through the TAHITI protocol which means his memories will be wiped and set free. This is the only offer that will allow Ward to leave and he'll be able to start over.

Simmons feels betrayed when May tells Bobbi about the box. They haven't told the rest of the team yet but in order to do that, they need to be the ones to find Coulson first. They ask Simmons to try to hack Mike's tech to find his location. She begrudgingly says she'll work on it.

Skye relays her concerns to Jiaying about Cal being let back into the world. Jiaying says that the longer he stays at Afterlife, the more attention he draws, putting them in danger. She then goes to visit Cal and offers to go with him to his home, where he'll be apparently retrieving his belongings. He's from Milwaukee. Skye offers to go with him, because she doesn't want to put innocent lives at risk. She sympathises with Cal because while Skye had no memories when she broken laws to find her family, he did.

Ward gives Coulson free use of the brainwashed Bakshi, whom he still has in captivity. Bakshi reaches out to set up a meeting with List, which Mike will be going along for to ensure things go according to plan. Fitz still harbour a lot of animosity against Ward and even tries to attack him. Gotta love scrappy-Fitz!

Skye and Cal make it to Milwaukee and Cal is excited to show her around, though he feels slightly discouraged when he sees the changes in the places around him. Skye learns that Cal was working with Doctor Without Borders when he met Skye's mother. They had planned to raise Skye in Milwaukee and had even picked out a charter school for her to go to. Later, Skye pickpockets a phone to call May for help. She says that Cal needs to be picked up or else everyone will be in trouble. Lincoln is shown to be following them to keep an eye out.

Bakshi has his meeting with List, with Mike there. Bakshi offers Mike up as a sign of good faith and the team on board the ship end up in standoff. They have to stand down so Fitz can tell Mike to stand down instead of killing everyone in the room. They learn that List has been tracking Gordon is trying to capture him. This is when Ward realises that this is about Skye.

Gordon tells Jiaying that Ethan, one of their individuals, is missing now. He was supposed to go on a camping trip but when Gordon went to pick him up, he wasn't there.

Skye realises that Cal still loves Jiaying and she can't keep up the charade like this. She implores him to not hold onto the past. Jiaying has moved on and Skye is an adult now. The past can't be lived in the present, nor can it be redone. The conversation is interrupted by Lincoln who shows up at Cal's office where he was showing her around. Cal loses his temper when he realises that Jiaying plans to leave Cal and not let him back into Afterlife.

It's then that Hydra shows up but Lincoln takes an agent down. Cal begins to fight off the agents and Lincoln tells Skye to run while he'll help Cal. Lincoln ends up fighting with Mike, who is there with the rest of the Hydra team. Hunter ends up shot while Coulson and Ward are looking for Skye. They catch up to Mike, who has disarmed Lincoln and tells them he thinks Lincoln is protecting Skye. Simmons has hacked into Mike's cybernetic eye, which lets her and May know about Coulson working with Ward. May sends Bobbi and Mack to Milwaukee. Mike and Lincoln end up captured by Hydra, as Bakshi is shown to be in control of his wits.

Just as Skye finds Coulson and Ward fighting off some Hydra agents, she's about to be reunited with them but before she can get to them, Gordon arrives to take her back and Cal jumps on to piggyback the ride. Agent 33, Kara, then brings over the wounded Hunter and since they no longer have Mike to help out, Ward tells Coulson regarding what to do next, "Your call, boss." Later when Bobbi and Mack arrive at Cal's office, Coulson is there and ready to surrender, saying he'll tell them all about what happened once they get back to the base.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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