Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E19 - "The Dirty Half Dozen" Recap

Skye and Cal are returned to Afterlife by Gordon, whom Skye sends back immediately to look for Lincoln. Cal also loudly outs Jiaying regarding Skye being their daughter but she sends him to cool off while she can figure out what to do next. Gordon returns with a forehead wound matching what Raina saw in her dream, tipping her off to the fact that her dreams are visions of the future. Gordon tells Jiaying that he barely got away from Hydra, who are the ones who have Lincoln.

Coulson offers to Gonzalez to use his own team to infiltrate List's base to free Mike and Lincoln from Hydra's captivity. He also hands over Fury's toolbox as a sign of good faith. He wants to rescue the prisoners, not simply blow the base to pieces. Mike and Lincoln decide to team up to try to escape but they're first knocked out as Hydra is preparing to experiment on them.

Fitz is more than ready to brag to Simmons about attacking Ward on the plane but is shocked when Simmons begins packing grenades to try to kill Ward should he present himself to be dubious once more. Coulson and May get into an argument. He's upset that she is working for Gonzalez and she feels betrayed by all his secrets, including working with her ex-husband behind her back. He tells her that he was seeing Andrew as a therapist as he was the only professional he could see about his alien-writing. He promises to apologise to her more thoroughly later.

Skye is trying to convince Gordon to take her to rescue Lincoln. He doesn't want to but then Raina reveals that she has already seen her save Lincoln. The legitimacy of her claim is proven when she says that she saw Coulson and Ward working together. This is a detail Skye had yet to share with anyone.

Ward leaves Kara with SHIELD, believing it in her best interest to reconnect to her past life as an agent. He tells her to stay strong but this smells a lot like a breakup. Guess all Ward needed to see was Skye's bright face to realise where his heart really lies.

Simmons convinces Coulson to let her come on the mission. Gordon is convinced to take Skye to SHIELD without telling Jiaying, as Lincoln is his friend and he wants him saved. All of our original six are back together! Fitz and Simmons want to know everything Skye has been up to but she doesn't want to share anything personal with Ward around. Ward begins to debrief the team on the mission but when he sees he's getting nothing but the stink-eye from all of them, he decides it's time to has things out and says that after all his wrong-doings, the thing he regrets the most is breaking up their unity as a team.

Jiaying patches things up with Cal and agrees to let him stay in Afterlife. But Jiaying is growing suspicious of Raina and Cal warns her that she's right to be careful and that she needs to keep an eye on Raina.

Mack and Hunter make up, with Hunter saying he's forgiven Mack. Bobbi checks in on Kara, who is insistent that the team will all see the Grant she does and that he will come through for them. The team's plane is spotted by Hydra, who attempts to shoot the plane out of the sky, which it does. But this was always part of the plan, as the actual plane is dropping down with the debris.

The team makes it into the Hydra base where Bakshi is shown to still be brainwashed and loyal to Ward. The group splits up, with Bakshi, Simmons, and Skye going with Ward. Skye uses her abilities to knock the Hydra men out before the rest of them need to do any shooting. They catch up to Mike, who says that Lincoln's been taken off for surgery. Coulson, May, and Fitz have made it to the control centre.

Skye heads off to rescue Lincoln while Simmons tends to Mike's injuries and sends Ward to find something on which they can carry Mike out on. When Skye reaches Lincoln, his heart has stopped but she uses her ability to trigger his electrical charge to restart his heart. Simmons tries to kill Ward but Bakshi gets in the way and ends up dead first. Simmons goads Ward to try to kill her but he doesn't, telling her that she has changed and he is disappointed in her, after which he leaves on his own.

Ward calls Coulson after making it out and says how he has returned Kara to SHIELD and does deserve forgiveness, saying that he isn't the right man to fix her. Coulson has discovered the base of Hydra's leader, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker. Coulson gives the location to Maria Hill so that the Avengers can defeat Hydra. This is what Theta Protocol was.

Raina is shown to be growing skeptical of Jiaying's ability to lead and has a vision of metal men destroying cities.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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