Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E20 - "Scars" Recap

Coulson's secret helicarrier was used by Fury to help save the world so the SHIELD board agrees to go through with his idea to merge their factions. Coulson will be the director and the bad will act as his oversight and advisory council.

Kara is cleared of any Hydra lingerings in her brain. Lincoln wakes up and is alarmed to find he is at SHIELD because part of what made Afterlife a safe-haven was their anonymity but now SHIELD will want to hunt them down.

Raina is starting to find peace with her visions and abilities. She has a vision of an ancient Kree weapon designed to destroy the Inhumans and she shares this information with Gordon who relays this to Jiaying. Raina offers herself up to help Gordon find it and Jiaying gives them permission to do so. They locate the weapon in the cargo hold of Gonzales' ship.

Jiaying continues to ask Cal for information on Raina to judge how threatening she may or may not be.

Hunter comes across the intruders on the ship and alerts the ship to their presence. Raina and Gordon are able to discover the location of the weapon but teleport away when they are cornered by May and Bobbi. Skye defends the Inhumans to Coulson and May, explaining why they want to keep secret and hidden. Bobbi learns that SHIELD has recreated Hydra technology to track Gordon when he teleported away. They now know the location of Afterlife. The board wants to attack Afterlife but Coulson wants to have a sit-down with Jiaying instead since Skye can set up the meet as liaison.

Cal doesn't trust Raina and gets into an argument with her and Gordon. Jiaying breaks up the fight. Coulson implores Skye to see that they just need to place the Inhumans on the Index like any other gifted person. Skye asks to let her and Lincoln go first and admits to Coulson about Jiaying being her mother. Coulson tells May, who wants to tell the council. Their relationship seems irreparably fractured since May blames Coulson for what happened to Skye and blames herself for not stopping him.

Raina tells Gordon she's had a vision of SHIELD raining fire on Afterlife. She says that she should be the one to meet with SHIELD, as war will be inevitable if Jiaying is the one to meet with them. Skye and Lincoln are returned to Afterlife and Skye relays Coulson's offer to Jiaying. But Gonzales tells Coulson he's too close to this and that he shouldn't be the one to meet with Jiaying. Gonzales likens people being too close to Stark and Ultron being a byproduct, to Coulson being too close to Skye. May agrees with the decision to send Gonzales instead so he agrees, saying he'll quarterback the mission from afar.

Fitz says that their not killing people is what makes them better than Ward. Simmons admits to Fitz that she tried to kill Ward and failed and that her only regret is that she failed, noting that the next terrible thing he does will be her fault.

Mack tells Coulson he's resigning from SHIELD, saying he wants no part in it if Coulson is the director. Coulson is sad to see him go, but respects his freedom to decide his own path.

Jiaying seeks Cal's council on the impending meet with SHIELD. He doesn't want her to surrender to letting the Inhumans be Indexed. Jiaying agrees that they can't lose Skye to SHIELD and Cal tells Jiaying to let him be surrendered to SHIELD to gain their trust. She doesn't want to at first but he insists on doing this to help protect his family.

While Bobbi and May are in the air, "May" is shown to actually be Kara in disguise. She wants revenge on Bobbi for what she did to her in Hydra. She's been in cahoots with Ward to kidnap Bobbi. When Bobbi exits the ship, she finds they're in a field, where Ward is waiting to shoot her with a tranquilliser.

Gordon is shown to be truly loyal to Jiaying and sells out Raina to her. No one can trust Raina's intentions, despite her pleas that something terrible is going to happen if they don't do what she says.

Jiaying surrenders Cal to Gonzales when he arrives to meet and sends Skye to deliver him to the SHIELD agents. Cal tells Skye he's grateful he got to know her and she says she feels the same way. Skye is angry at May when she tells him about why Gonzales was sent instead of Coulson. Cal is brought on board the ship along with some vials of an unknown substance. Uh-oh...

Gonzales gives Jiaying a gift, a token that Whitehall had taken when torturing Jiaying in order to give to Skye; a Chinese token to ward off evil spirits. Gonzales shares his intentions to Index the Inhumans and in a surprise turn of events, Jiaying kills Gonzales with a Diviner crystal and shoots herself with Gonzales' gun to stage a set-up for a war with SHIELD. Jiaying will not allow her people to be Indexed.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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