Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E21/22 (S2 Finale) - "S.O.S." Recap

Jiaying has Gordon and another Inhuman further stage an attack on Afterlife. All of the Inhumans, including Skye are siding with Jiaying. May demands to see Gonzales and has to fight off Skye, who is only able to best her by using her abilities. Skye tries to get answers from Raina, who had clearly foreseen everything. Raina says that her destiny is to help Skye fulfil her destiny and says that Jiaying is misleading the Inhumans. Skye is the one destined to lead them.

Gordon is shown to have kidnapped the missing Inhuman camper for Jiaying to kill and feed on to heal her wounds.

Simmons is worried that Cal is a Trojan horse and plans to examine the empty vials he had in his possessions. She later determines that the concoction is a crude attempt at super-strength serum.

Fitz and Hunter figure out that Agent 33 had disguised herself as May to kidnap Bobbi. Ward is torturing Bobbi in order to get her to confess to the fact that she had revealed Kara's location to Hydra while undercover there.

SHIELD determine that Jiaying staged this attack to start a war. They also figure out that Ward is behind Bobbi's attack and this is why he left Agent 33 behind. Bobbi is insistent that giving up the location of a safe house that might be occupied was better than the other option which would have lead to the deaths of dozens of SHIELD agents.

Raina meets with Jaiying and says that Skye will be the one to save the Inhumans and not either of them. Raina says she is destined to be an angel and show the people the truth. Jiaying kills her and Skye witnesses this, saying that this is what Raina had warned her about. She now realises the truth of who her mother is and that she killed Gonzales in cold blood. Jiaying says that in order for them to survive, SHIELD must be destroyed. When Skye won't be swayed by her mother's schemes, Jiaying has her locked up.

Coulson meets with Cal, who admits to experimenting on himself to be strong enough to find Skye. He admits he's there to take out as many SHIELD agents as he can.

Ward tries to convince Bobbi to admit wrong-doing but she breaks out of her restraints instead and fights Ward in a brutal hand-to-hand combat. Well, brutal by ABC's standards anyway. Kara turns up and joins the fight and eventually Bobbi is outdone and Ward snaps her leg. Ward gives Kara the gun to shoot Bobbie but Kara doesn't want to kill her because 1) she isn't sorry and 2) she doesn't care if she dies. So Ward sets a trap for whomever is the first person to crash through the door to rescue Bobbi to get shot and killed. So now she'll have to sit and watch as someone else dies because of her.

Coulson begin to convince Cal of the truth, that Jiaying is the real monster and that she is the one who manipulated him into doing terrible things. The serum he injected himself with is killing him and doing terrible things to his body. Eventually, Cal almost dies and turns into an actual monster with a swollen forehead and claws. Now his super strength is permanent since Simmons injected him with the final ingredient he had been missing. Finally, there's a showdown with Cal and Coulson like never before and Coulson needs to flee from this mutated beast.

The Inhumans break onto the SHIELD ship to retrieve the weapon. They also have Skye captive with them. Gordon and Lincoln are amongst the team fighting against SHIELD.

Coulson, Fitz, and Simmons are able to trap Cal by running a car into him to keep him against a wall. Coulson begins to reason with Cal, saying that deep down he is a good man and that he knows deep down that Jiaying is the real monster here. Cal says that Jiaying was never the same after she was torn to pieces and he sewed her back together. He says that now she needs to take life to keep on living and no longer values human life. He thought he could fix things if he could just keep his promise to save their daughter. Coulson makes Cal see that Skye is in danger since she will never go along with Jiaying's thirst for blood. Cal frees himself from the car and says he wants to help.

Mack frees Skye from the holding cell that the Inhumans had trapper her in. Mack needs Skye to hack into SHIELD (she can't use her abilities because she's been locked into power inhibitors). Skye is still insistent that not all of the Inhumans are bad and many are simply being manipulated by Jiaying. Jiaying orders Agent Weaver to expand the beacon to invite all SHIELD operatives to attack and forces her to do so by killing some agents with Terrine mist. Lincoln is horrified by these actions but keeps quiet for the time being. Jiaying plans to use their artificial Terrigen crystals to reveal all Inhumans and simultaneously kill all humans.

Ward and Kara are watching as Hunter, May, and other agents are descending on Bobbi's locations. Bobbi is distraught at the fact that Hunter will be shot when he comes through the door but can't say anything because she's been gagged and tied to a chair. Ward and Kara begin to fight off the agents on the base. When Hunter comes through the door, Bobbi is able to tilt her chair over so she ends up shot instead of him. The remaining team grabs Bobbi, who is losing blood fast. Ward ends up killing Kara while she's disguised as May and apparently we're supposed to feel bad for him or something. But we don't. Bobbi is brought to the carrier where she'll be operated on to save her life.

Lincoln is having a crisis of conscience after witnessing Jiaying committing murder but Gordon implores him to stay focused. Lincoln encounter Skye while she's trying to send a signal for help to her SHIELD team. Skye implores him to see what's right in front of him, that Jiaying is not the good leader they once thought. Just as Lincoln is telling Skye where to find the crystals being prepped to send through the ship's ventilation system, Mack knocks him out and heads out to stop the crystals.

May calls Garner, something she hasn't done before a mission since Behrain. She says there's no way this will end well so she wants to apologise for everything she didn't say but should have said. He implores her to come home safe.

Fitz is preparing to infiltrate the ship with Coulson and Cal but Simmons comes to talk to him about what happened at the bottom of the ocean. She says when he gets back, they should discuss it, implying she's willing to admit her feelings for him. As the team makes their way to the ship, they get a signal from Skye that it's a trap so Coulson sends all other ships back except for their own. They also determine Jiaying's plan to send Terrigen mist through the vents. Cal tells Coulson to take care of the crystals and to leave Jiaying to himself.

Mack is guarding the crystals and must fight Gordon, who is trying to retrieve them. Cal is reunited with Jiaying, who has him locked in a room to keep him from stopping her plans. Coulson and Fitz meet with Mack, who still has the crystals safely guarded, while Skye must fight off an Inhuman with the ability to duplicate herself. Lincoln finds May and teams up with her to save Skye from the duplicated Inhuman.

Fitz sets up a device to trap Gordon in the room with himself, Coulson, and Mack, who are now able to fight him off and Fitz kills him. Coulson catches a Terrine crystal to stop it from shattering and killing all of them and Mack cuts his arm off at the forearm to stop the poison from spreading further.

Skye catches up with Jiaying and implores her to stop but instead, Jiaying is wanting Skye to join her in this revolution. Skye tells her she can't let Jiaying destroy any more lives. Jiaying then attempts to drain the life out of Skye, and Skye gets a burst of her power out in order to push the plane with the remaining crystals into the ocean. Skye and Jiaying attempt to kill each other but Cal intervenes and kills Jiaying himself to spare Skye from that heavy burden.

Bobbi wakes up and Hunter is there to tell her she was stupid to take a bullet for him. It's his way of saying he cares. She says she can't do this anymore, but it's unclear what exactly she's referring to. SHIELD? Their relationship?

Coulson puts Mack in charge of the alien artefacts he mistrusts them so much. May decides to take a break from SHIELD to spend time with Garner. She will be able to rediscover the world outside of SHIELD. Skye is joining a new SHIELD team comprised of gifted people. Cal will be put through the TAHITI program to have his memory wiped but he's able to say goodbye to Skye and tell her how she's even better than he imagined and he had imagined her to be perfect. He notes how his love for his family is what drove him mad. He asks Skye to visit once in a while, and she promises to do so. He also says that the best day ever was 2 July 1988, Skye's birth.

Meanwhile, Ward begins orchestrating plans to lead what's left of Hydra in a fight against SHIELD. He's done flying solo, and misses having a team around him. Wah, wah, wah, and now he's got another excuse for all the wrongs he'll do.

Cal is able to live a new life in peace as a veterinarian. Skye goes to visit him, introducing herself as Daisy, and he invites her to come by any time to adopt a pet and ask for Dr. Winslow to get free spaying and neutering for the pet(s).

Skye tells Coulson she's willing to be part of this gifted SHIELD team but people like her will need to be kept anonymous. Coulson notes that his lost limb is a reminder of everything they're fighting for and against.

Finally, we see traces of the Terrigen crystals seeping into fish, which are caught by fishermen, and processed into fish oil supplements being sold at supermarkets.

Finally, Fitz asks Simmons out for dinner and she agrees. They're still as awkward as ever and it's rather adorable. But of course, things aren't that simple. After Fitz leaves, Simmons notices that the door to the Kree weapon is slightly ajar and then it opens up and rapidly sucks her up before resuming it's regular massive size. WHAT. WHY.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will return to ABC for season 3 on Tuesday, September 29 at 9PM!


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