Orphan Black S3E10 (S3 Finale) - "History Yet to Be Written" Recap

Rachel wakes after her surgery to get a new eye courtesy of clone-Krystal. She's in an all-wooden room and appears to be alone, but she finds an envelope on the nearby desk. Removing her bandage, she finds one impressive, slightly-cyber-looking eye.

Sarah, Felix, and Mrs S bring Kendall Malone to Scott, who will be doing tests on her and hopefully keeping her hidden from Castor. We also learn that the reason she looks different from Sarah is because the two strains of DNA combining cause her traits to manifest differently.

Dr. Coady tells Rudy that they'll need to go after the original but the only clone that hasn't gone underground is Alison, who is still busy campaigning. But Helena is also still with Alison and Donnie, who surprises Helena with Jesse, the tow-truck driver whom Helena hit it off with last season.

Cosima goes to visit Shay to apologise for accusing her of shady dealings and Shay is not happy because of the threats Delphine laid on her. Cosima is thoroughly apologetic but can't let Shay in on all the secrets of Clone Club so it looks like this relationship is kaput.

Ferdinand pays a visit to Delphine at Leda. He wants to run off with Rachel and be in charge of Top Side and Leda. But Ferdinand's in for a surprise, as Sarah is there to offer a one-time deal. She also tells him that she was the one who was pretending to be Rachel the last time he came to visit. Sarah is willing to offer up samples of Malone in exchange for destroying Castor and Coady. Delphine says he's the lesser of two evils.

Cosima is the one brought in to take Kendall Malone's samples. Though Kendall's snappy with the biting comments, Cosima's warmth and compassion convinces Kendall to give up the samples to help save her life.

Sarah and Felix track down Mark and Gracie to a seedy motel room, and Felix even kicks the door in to get to them. Mark seems willing to help without much work on Sarah and Felix's part. He had thought he'd spend his last few months with Gracie before he died but this is his only chance for a cure.

Mrs. S tells her mother that if need be, she'll destroy her genetic material with an acid bath. She also wants revenge for John. She promises that if anything goes wrong, she'll be putting Kendall in that acid bath.

Delphine wants Rachel moved to a secure facility and orders Nealon to have her moved. After Nealon leaves, Delphine notices that "Rachel" has unusually manicured nails and then "Rachel" wakes up and smacks her in the face. She determines quickly that the patient in the bed is Krystal, who thankfully still has her eye. She wants to know what's going on and why weird things keep happening to her. Did they just need to take a sample of her eye? We're certainly glad she still has it.

Rachel is also confused about where she is too. She's being watched though security cameras and sees the name "Finch" nearby. She demands to know who's keeping her there but gets no response.

Helena catches Jess up on everything that happened since they were away, including the prison break and soap-making. She's all prepared to hook up with Jesse in his truck but then she gets a call from brother-sestra Felix and learns that her family needs help. Jesse's willing to wait, though.

Alison is at the polls with Donnie, and Rudy is lurking nearby to follow her and her campaign school-bus. Donnie knows they're being watched though and gives Alison a heads-up and texts Sarah to let her know. Sarah is also tasked with punching Mark in the face repeatedly for a cover story, we think.

Alison's campaign bus makes a pit-stop to lure Rudy out of his truck. He heads into the garage where Helena is waiting for him. She's taping weapons to her hands, saying it's "prison rules." He doesn't want to tape his knife so she kicks the duct tape into his nose. Some time later, a bloody-faced Rudy calls Coady to say he's found the original, turning the phone to show Kendall, and sends Coady the location. But it's actually Mark in disguise.

Helena still has Rudy to fight, though with his glitches it's not much of a fight. She gets a screwdriver into his arm, forcing him to drop his knife. Cody arrives at the location and sends some of her goons inside. But then Ferdinand shows up and shoots here driver dead and apprehends Coady, saying she won't find what she's looking for there.

A dying Rudy shares childhood memories with Helena. Rudy ponders their similarities, but she tells him they're not alike, given that Rudy is a rapist. But she does lovingly stroke her dying brother's face.

Mrs. S gets Kendall to share more information. Duncan had visited her some years after his original harvesting to admit what he had done and the fear he held for his life. Everything had gone wrong but he was able to hide the original, Kendall, and there was one child outside of it all that was hidden in the foster system (Sarah). She also mentioned something about Neolution. Kendall put Sarah in Mrs. S' custody because she had the connections to keep her hidden; it was the one last piece of her own foul life. Kendall and Mrs. S are able to have a moment of reconciliation.

Delphine has Dr. Nealon in holding. She wants answers on who he works with and Rachel's whereabouts. He tells her to turn on the screen, which she does, and finds the surveillance feed of Rachel. Delphine also seems to know about Neolution, something Nealon claims has infiltrated and manipulated all the moving pieces of this, including Leda, Top Side, and Castor.

Ferdinand comes to collect samples from Kendall, while it's implied that Ferdinand's man taking the samples is actually part of Neolution. Nealon offers Delphine a place in Neolution but when she refuses, he attacks her and displays a worm coming from out of his mouth. Delphine gets a shot off into Nealon's chest, who ominously tells her that she won't live till morning. She takes the worm out of Nealon's mouth using a pair of pliers and calls Sarah to tell her that she can't let Ferdinand have the samples and that both Leda and Castor are run by Neolution. She says to tell Ferdinand that Rachel is still alive and was taken by Neolution.

When Ferdinand hears this, he goes on a rage and beats his goon with a bat. The man admits to being a Neolutionist, and Ferdinand hates Neolutionists so he's now apparently part of Team Leda-Clone because he refuses to hand over Kendall's samples. He wants Kendall hidden, Mrs. S has connections, and tells them all to head out while he'll dispose of this Neolutionist's body.

Delphine goes to Shay's to apologise to her and gives them their blessing, promising to not stand between her and Cosima. She also tells Shay that she can tell Cosima everything if she wants. Looks like Shay has more secrets after all. She also tells Shay to give Cosima a card; it's of the Dyad Institute and has 324B21 written on the back.

The gang all comes together for a dinner party at Bubbles, where Alison gets the call that she beat Marcie Coates. The only one not present is Kendall, who is resting up before the trip she'll be taking to disappear. Sarah and Art note how not everyone is present, and everyone toasts to Beth. Helena also toasts to Kira's "little face." Alison then toasts her victory and that they'll all face whatever comes next together. She also thanks Donnie for standing by her through everything. Cosima then gets called outside by Delphine, who asks her to keep the genome sequence and Kendall secret and safe. The two mend fences and Delphine kisses her goodbye. Delphine then heads to her car in the garage and upon realising she's not alone, turns to ask, "What will happen to her?" She is then shot in the chest. The identity of her shooter is not shown.

Rachel finally gets a visit; it's a little Leda clone named Charlotte who says that "she" said that Rachel will be her new mum. The "she" in question is Professor Duncan, Rachel's mother, who steps out to identify herself.

Meanwhile, Mrs. S, and Kendall arrive in Iceland where Sarah is reunited with Kira.

Orphan Black will return to BBC America for Season 4 in 2016.


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