Orphan Black S3E8 - "Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method" Recap

Delphine goes to get her nails done and the woman doing her nails is a clone we've not met yet, save for some footage of her about to hook up with Rudy. She shares the story of this crazy hookup with Delphine. Turns out Krystal's boyfriend Hector ended up dead following this encounter with the "twins." Delphine also has some not-so-nice plans for Rachel, namely wanting her to be eliminated.

Sarah open to Cosima about how much she's been thinking about Beth and wants to finish what she started. She doesn't want to lose another one of her sisters. Cosima assures her that no one has been lost yet. Also, Cosima has been staying at Shay's place, as the two are getting cozy.

Felix brings Helena over to Alison and Donnie's, since it's their turn to look after the "crazy" one. Alison thinks Helena can help them to make soap as part of their newly-acquired Bubbles business. Helena's also good with kids so she gets on quite well with Alison and Donnie's children. She's also secretly lugging around her nitrogen tank that she believes is carrying her babies.

Sarah speaks with Scott and realises she needs to speak to Rachel, so Scott helps set up a Skype call. Rachel's on to the fact that Delphine wants her gone. She offers to translate the book in exchange for them getting her out of Dyad and says she wants to leave a quiet life in Taiwan. She then offers up the name of clone-Krystal and says she wants them to help her steal the identity so she can get out. As proof of her knowledge of the book, she has translated the copy of the page of the book that Scott offered up. The message reads, "In London town we all fell down and Castor woke from slumber." Mrs. S is skeptical of doing this plan and argues with Sarah over how to proceed. Gracie overhears the argument and the group assures her that Mark is different from the rest of the Castor clones.

Cosima brings Shay to Dyad to show her around but Delphine breaks up the party with bad news regarding the ongoing research of the sequence. There was a test trial on another ill Clone but it didn't work and she died. Delphine wants Cosima to have another stem-cell treatment from Kira but Cosima refuses to harvest her like that again.

Donnie and Alison bring Helena to Bubbles and have her begin working on some soap in the back. Helena playfully flirts with Donnie by comparing him to a baby ox. But Donnie has bigger concerns on his mind, confronting Alison about his displeasure at Jason having kissed whom he thought was Alison. But this conversation will have to wait, as Gracie arrives to also begin working at the shop. Also Helena is hiding her nitrogen tank in the back. Is that safe? The first reunion between Helena and Gracie is not so tense the way you might have guessed. Gracie apologises for her miscarriage and Helena says it's okay and that Gracie will be an auntie to her baby.

Scott returns home to find Rudy lying in wait with Scott's cat on his lap. As it turns out, someone has tipped Castor off about Duncan's Dr. Moreau book and the hidden code inside. How did he find out about that?

Krystal is blabbing her story once again, this time to Felix who has come in with a fake North American accent to get his nails done. He's basically flirting with her and it's hilarious. He's also pumping information out of her so Sarah can document it so her identity can be stolen. Krystal also expresses her concerns about the strange happenings that have been going on in her life, including how her boyfriends are basically on a two-year rotation to the day. Felix wants to tell her about Clone Club but Sarah refuses to let him, and Felix needs to hurry up and go back to steal her wallet before heading out. Felix also finds a notebook indicating that Krystal has been more thorough in her investigation of the things going on in her life, even documenting them in a little notebook. At least dear Felix was nice enough to leave her with some words of encouragement.

Alison confronts Jason on the kiss but he ends up kissing her again. He's all but offered himself up on a silver platter to be Alison's plaything but Alison is insistent that she is married and he can't do anything. Donnie then texts Jason from Alison's phone to invite him to Bubbles and the two get into a slap-turned-punch fight that leaves Donnie knocked out cold in the work room.

Cosima and Delphine are having a moment in the lab but they're interrupted by a call from Scott, who tells Delphine about the book since it's been stolen by Rudy at the threat of harm to Scott's cat. Delphine is furious at not having been told about the book and Cosima tells her that the book is gone. In actuality, they did make a copy of it but they're not about to tell Delphine that any time soon. The thing is, Rachel was the only other person who knew about the book so she had to have told a mole who tipped off Castor. Delphine interrogates Rachel, who isn't offering up an explanation over how she got the information out.

Cosima, Scott, and the rest of the team is working together to help Rachel make a break for it. Cosima brings Delphine her resignation from Leda. Rachel makes it to Mrs. S' place where the rest of the group are waiting. They give Rachel all of Krystal's stolen IDs and sit Rachel down so she can translate the entire book from start to finish, after which she'll be free to go. Meanwhile, Cosima admits that she had a near-death experience and the only thing that allowed her to come back from it was a vision of Delphine. She tells Delphine she needs to let her go but the two end up kissing before Delphine says that she should have trusted her.

As soon as Rachel has finished translating the book, Dr. Nealon and other Leda team members come in. Rachel is rushed back to Leda after having some sort of episode and Leda gets their hand on the book. Nolan claims that Rachel may never recover but in actuality, he and Rachel were in on it together. They had Krystal kidnapped so Rachel can have her eye and head off to London, where the original genome is located. Mrs. S has also figured out the message of the code so now they, along with Sarah and Felix, must head off to London too. Delphine is furious to not have been told about the copy of the book so Cosima's resignation has been accepted, but not before she hands her a file on Shay, who appears to be the Castor mole.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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