Orphan Black S3E9 - "Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow" Recap

Sarah, Felix, and Mrs. S have made it to London safely in search of the original source of the genome.

Rudy's still glitching and his condition is only worsening. Dr. Coady assures him that their men will track down the original genome in time to save him.

Helena spends some quality time with Alison's daughter, who is preparing for a karate match. Helena teaches her some not-so-ethical moves, namely eye-gouging, but Gracie interrupts to point out that Helena needs to not do things like that anymore. Helena agrees, saying she's a mother now and has turned over a new leaf. Gracie then goes to ask Alison for the day off to head to a doctor's appointment. Alison's looking for Donnie, who didn't come home because he was knocked out cold at Bubbles after his fight with Jason.

Cosima looks through Shay's folder and is being distant from her after learning the truth of her background and possible involvement with Castor. She seems unsure how to proceed just yet.

Donnie gets a visit at Bubbles from one of Jason's men to say that he's been taken out of the drug-dealing machine because Jason no longer vouches for him. Pouchy wants the pills back and the man takes the nitrogen case ransom, except Donnie has no idea what it is since Helena was the one who hid it there in secret.

Mrs. S has gotten in touch with some of her old contacts in London to sniff out information on the original clone. But her old friend Terrence ends up brutalised at the hands of one of Ferdinand's goons. Terrence had been working with Ferdinand and was supposed to let him know if/when Mrs. S ever came back to town, though it was entirely clear that his allegiances were truly with Mrs. S. Following a rousing round of karaoke, Mrs. S heads over to where Terrence had said to come meet him, where he was in the midst of being tortured for information on what S was looking for.

Helena catches Donnie when he's looking for the pills to return. She insists on patching him up and for answers on the source of his injuries. Helena learns the truth about the soap-making being a cover for dealing drugs but she is far more upset to learn that her freeze-dried babies in the tank have been stolen. She's ready to go hunt them down but Donnie tells her not to, and that he'll take care of things for the family which he says she is also a part of. Helena seems touched by the gesture.

Cosima goes to Delphine for help at Dyad. She says how Sarah, Mrs. S, and Felix are in London in search for the Castor original and that help and resources will be needed to stop them from beating Castor who is hot on their trail.

The London trio find a mortally wounded Terrence who gives S enough information to scare her off the trail but not Sarah, who swipes Terrence's phone and calls his last contact to try to follow the lead. Felix insists on coming along to make sure she's safe, despite not approving of her choices.

Donnie goes to return the pills and is hoping to get his money back too but instead, Pouchy says that they're working for him now. Helena had come inside to pretend she was Alison and get the tank back safely in her hands. But as the two are walking out, one of the dealers threatens Alison and Donnie's children and Helena's response is to shove Donnie out of the warehouse with the tank safe in his hands while keeping herself locked in there to dispose of them. She later exits the building with a giant machete, soaked in blood, and carrying a giant bag of cash. She's gotten Donnie's refund and thanks him for helping to save her babies. She needs to shower up and Alison is shocked to return and find a battered husband with a newly packed freezer full of cash.

Delphine goes to Shay's place to threaten her into admitting her involvement with Castor. She threatens to kill her and make it look like a suicide but Cosima calls to let her know that it wasn't Shay after Gracie calls her to admit that she had ratted them out to Castor after they promised that she could be with Mark, whom she still loves even after processing the truth about his being a clone.

Sarah and Felix follow the leads to a prisoner numbered H46239 and named Kendall Malone who is the original genome. Ferdinand calls Delphine to say that he's learned about Sarah not actually being in her custody. So now the playing field has been evened since she had previously muscled him out because of his insidious scheming done with Rachel. Sarah has broken into Kendall Malone's flat. Unexpectedly, Kendall Malone is an elderly woman who is plenty tough. They end up facing off with another but Mrs. S arrives and surprise! Mrs. S is the daughter of Kendall Malone! She had been tested on while in prison by Professor Duncan and Malone carries the genetic DNA of both Castor and Leda because she had absorbed a twin when she was in utero. But outside, Felix is starting to panic as he thinks he's spotted someone (probably Topside) that's going to come in and grab them. Mrs. S is prepared to burn down her mother's apartment and kill her mother to destroy the Castor DNA but Sarah implores her not to, and to understand that they need her since she is both Castor and Leda.

Orphan Black airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 9PM.


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