Samir & Viktor "Saxofuckingfon" - Review

Our favourite mischievous Swedish duo, Samir & Viktor, are back following an impressive Melodifestivalen debut. Though you may remember that we had our initial reservations about the folksy-infused stylings of "Groupie," the song and number came to grow on us and eventually became the sleeper hit of the contest, even going platinum in Sweden.

But now that the summer is here, it was only fitting that Samir & Viktor would release a new single for many a Swede to attempt to dance around to. "Saxofuckingfon" sees Samir & Viktor return to the clubby roots planted in their first single, "Success." Also similar to their previous singles is the use of just one set of lyrics for both verses. Samir & Viktor's songs have always flirted with the line between 'repetitive' and 'catchy' but they've always managed to come out the side of the latter. At this point, we've come to realise that this a smart move on their (team's) part, as it allows for listeners to cut down the time it takes to learn the lyrics and thus join in and sing along, by half. Sure, at first glance, the lyrics of "Saxofuckingfon" are largely about partying, but if you dig a little deeper, you'll find that they're promoting unity and connectedness, which piggy-backs off of the 'deeper' message of "Groupie." "Saxofuckingfon" also takes the musical trend of saxophone-hooks in pop music and amplifies it to the point of being an expensive-sounding charicature. Come on, people, that's some quality parody right there!

The melodic content of "Saxofuckingfon" also outdoes its predecessors, and the rhythmic syncopation of the switch to triplets at the start of each 'dance break' is a brilliant move by the song's composers. We would be remiss if we didn't also note that a large part of why Samir & Viktor work as a duo is their unfiltered joy that radiates through every line. You can't help but get the sense that these two believe every word of what they're singing and this level of genuine emotion and energy is highly contagious. This can also account for why we reviewed the song when there is no music video out yet; the song was just too good to wait! So feast your ears on "Saxofuckingfon"; we dare you not to be consumed by it.


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