The Following S3E14 - "Dead or Alive" Recap

Mike is brought to the hospital where he must undergo surgery after Mark's brutal attack. An emotional Max waits out in the hallway and Ryan comforts her as Mike's blood is still bright red on her hands. Ryan later has a protection team set up to look after Gwen.

Theo shows up at Eliza's place with Daisy and shoots more of her team dead. Theo knows that Eliza will get in trouble with other higher-ups if she doesn't make this mess go away so he pushes her to come through with a way for him to leave the country once he successfully kills Ryan. He wants her to give him manpower assistance to get the job done.

Ryan knows that Theo and Daisy are together and that there's no way he'll give up his quest for revenge for the smarter option to get away. With Lisa's approval, he makes a public statement that further plasters Theo and Daisy's faces across the news, urging people to call in if they have any information on the two.

Max gets worrying news that Mike's condition is still critical and all they can do is wait and hope for the best. She wants to keep working to help her get through things. They're trying to determine which of Ryan's loved ones Theo will target. Meanwhile, Mendez is shown to be enjoying her time with her family while the FBI team are watching outside. Theo is shown to be attacking the security team before heading inside to kidnap Mendez and her family.

Ryan follows a lead which takes him, Max, and the rest of the FBI to Eliza, not knowing who she is or her involvement with him. She claims her name is Annie and she covers her tracks reasonably well.

Theo forces Mendez to make a call to Ryan and make him think that she's found a lead and ask him to meet her at the safe house. He agrees but still suspects something is wrong so he grabs Max and brings her to Lisa's office. He tells them to remove their SIM-cards from their phones and tells them what he suspects and recommends they keep it quiet and recruit only the best agents that they can trust, no more than a dozen, so they can go after Theo. Theo learns from Daisy that Mendez put the children in the panic room. He tells Mendez not to do anything to tip off Ryan or else she will keep Mendez alive long enough so he can burn the house down.

Eliza becomes paranoid after meeting Ryan so she calls Theo and tells him that they want Ryan alive or else the deal is off. Enraged, Theo prepares to kill Mendez's wife but Mendez tells him that if he hurt her, he won't help him if Ryan should call back. Theo backs off for the time being but warns that he decides when they all die, and no one else.

Ryan and the small FBI team begin to set up a perimeter around the house. Ryan wants ten minutes to go in on his own to make sure that Mendez and her family are safe. Inside, Ryan is able to get the jump on Daisy but then Theo is shown to have his gun pointed at Mendez. Theo's men also come up from behind on Ryan so he has no choice but to lower his weapon. Daisy considers shooting Ryan herself but Theo stops her. Theo then tells Daisy to kill Mendez, her wife, and the children, after which she'll be free. Ryan is able to give a signal of sorts to Mendez before he is escorted away. Daisy begins to undo Mendez and her wife's restraints but then they're able to take off running, though not before Daisy gets a shot off into Mendez's wife. They're able to get upstairs and hide in the panic room which their children open up for them.

The team then arrives and descends upon the house. Daisy attempts to flee into the woods but Max chases after her and guns her down once she catches up to her.

While Ryan is in pursuit of Theo, Gwen leaves him a voicemail saying that she's gone to her first ultrasound and has the first photo as well as the recording of the baby's heartbeat. She also invites him to come to the next ultrasound. Theo shoots and wounds an FBI Agent Barton and Ryan calls for an ambulance and just before he can give the location, Theo is shown to be lying in wait right behind him.


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