The Following S3E15 (FINALE) - "The Reckoning" Recap

Theo brings Ryan to an abandoned cabin where an injured Agent Barton is also being held captive. Max is able to determine that Theo has taken Ryan off because he wants to take his time to torture him instead of just killing him quickly. Max is told to head to the hospital because Mike has finally woken up. Eliza calls Theo who informs her that he is refusing to hand over Ryan, despite her wishes and bargaining power. She then threatens him and says that having the FBI as an enemy will be nothing compared to them.

In the hospital, Max admits to Gwen about Ryan being taken by captive, not wanting to lie to her. While looking after Mike, Max gets a call about a potential lead for tracking Theo's location. She asks to get the video so she can work in the hospital and stay with Mike who wakes briefly to see her standing by his bedside.

Theo begins to torture Ryan to get revenge for Penny and then he brings Agent Barton in and kills her in front of Ryan to add yet another death to his list. Eliza then arrives on site and has her men stop Theo from killing Ryan. She says she had placed a tracker on Ryan, who is discretely trying to saw through his restraints with a sharp rock. Max is able to determine Theo's location and tells Lisa who keeps the information to herself, as she is revealed to be a mole for Eliza. Eliza wants to know what Theo is doing and he threatens her that he has a failsafe set up to download all the information on her and who she's been calling to every live newsfeed.

Eliza has her men torture Theo into giving up the code and interrogates Ryan into sharing what he knows about her. She even threatens Ryan by showing him Gwen's ultrasound but Ryan for once, genuinely doesn't have any information that he's sitting on. She doesn't believe him and threatens to kill everyone he knows.

Max and Lisa are following her lead to try to find Theo. Max is able to find the car while Lisa lies and claims she's already called for backup even though she hasn't. Max says they should split up and takes off into the woods.

Ryan breaks free from his restraints and attacks Eliza, telling her that he was telling the truth and didn't know anything about her but now he sure as hell is going to find out. He escapes and so does Theo. Once Theo finds Gwen's ultrasound, he gets determined to enact a whole new type of revenge. Ryan finds Theo and tries to chase after him but Theo then tells Ryan he intends to take Ryan's child and raise it to be abused and neglected just as Theo was.

Theo spots Eliza and Lisa talking and Eliza warns Lisa that everything she's been given can be taken away from her if she doesn't do as she is told. Theo then attacks Lisa and forces her to help him. Ryan finally gets out and is about to be shot by one of Eliza's men but Max shoots him just in time. Ryan calls to say that Gwen is in danger but the superior officer calls Lisa who orders him to prepare Gwen for transportation and not tell her what's going on, saying that Ryan has been compromised by Theo.

Ryan tells Max about the pregnancy and they head off to save Gwen. But as she was being moved by the FBI, Lisa and Theo showed up. Theo shot Lisa and the other agents, and then kidnaps Gwen. Ryan and Max discover the dead agents and find that only Lisa is alive. She tells them about Theo kidnapping her and forcing her to help but of course they don't know yet about her mole-status with Eliza. With the FBI's resources, Ryan is able to chase after Theo. Ryan shoots Theo but of course he survives so Theo ends up falling down a waterfall. Ryan is holding onto the edge and tells Gwen he loves her before also falling.

The FBI searches for Ryan's body but are unable to do so. They also don't find Theo's body and we're not shown Theo's fate either. Eliza is shown to be in touch with her boss(es) and tells them that their team is prepared to move in if necessary. Max lets Mike know that Ryan is apparently dead and comforts Gwen when she comes in.

As it turns out, Ryan has deliberated faked his death, knowing that Gwen and his other loved ones are not safe until he takes out this latest threat. Ryan visits a wounded Lisa in the hospital and says that he knows that she was the one who planted the tracker on him and that she's working for Eliza. He points out that two agents are dead because of her and Lisa warns him that the ultra-wealthy aren't spared the psychopathy gene and their money protects them like nothing else. He kills Lisa after she may or may not have shared information on this organisation. As Ryan leaves, he only spares a brief glance to his loves ones gathered in Mike's hospital room. Max and Mike are promising her thatch won't have to look after the baby alone and that they will help her. In order to be reunited with them, Ryan must taken down Eliza and whatever insidious group she is a part of.


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