The Whispers S01E02 Recap: Hide and Seek

Three months earlier in the Sahara Desert, a little boy plays with his truck in the sand. Overhead he sees a flaming object fall from the sky (Sean's plane). He goes to investigate in the dark, with only a small light. He finds Sean's uniform name tag before something terrifies him.

Now. Claire looks over her son's drawings of his father. She asks when his report is, and he doesn't answer. She tells him that they don't have secrets, but they do. Big ones. Henry's friend Drill has fixed his hearing, and Claire suspects that her husband isn't dead. The door bell rings before she can get more details, and the lights flicker as she leaves. On the microwave is 111215, which is one of the tattoos on the amnesiac Sean's body.

Sean has a clean getaway from the hospital, though his appearance concerns some park parents. Perhaps he should consider atleast ditching the hospital duds. He makes his way into the trees where he's hidden a bag way up high. Inside of the bag are clothes and a strange looking knife.

Claire calls Rollins for more time. She needs him not to release the sketch, and he needs to know why. She's not shutting him out, but she can't explain at the moment. She tells him to meet at the hospital. Claire makes a call too Wes, but his wife is the one who sees it. He's come home early, and is asleep on the couch. Lena tells him that he needs to talk to Minx about her new friend, who knows way too much.

Minx is upstairs playing with her dolls and Drill when Wes comes up. He asks her about Drill, and where he heard the stuff about them. Minx tells him that Drill doesn't have parents, and that adults can't see him. Some kids can't either. Wes puts aside the talk of Drill and focuses on the topic of Mommy and Daddy. Things have been tense between them, but Wes promises that they love eachother, and that things aren't changing. Satisfied, Minx asks for her present. Her dad brought her back money from his recent trip, and together they put it on her map.

Claire sits outside waiting for Wes. She waits until he pulls out onto the road, and then she cuts him off. He didn't answer her calls, and she needs his answers. She needs to know if her husband is alive. Wes isn't sure. Sean's plane was found thousands of miles from where it was suppose to be. It looks like someone walked away, but he can't be sure it was Sean. Claire has something that Wes needs to see. She gives him the sketch of the man that was seen outside before the explosion that killed Jackson. Wes sees it looks just like Sean. If it is, and he survived and he's here, Claire doesn't understand why he hasn't come home. Wes tells her that if shouldn't even be talking to her about what he saw, it could be deemed a national security threat, and treason. Claire laughs about his sudden concern about rules, but he's broken too many and Lena has given him a second chance. Claire's second chance died when Sean's plane went down, and she's got to try to find him.

Sean heads to a storage locker. Inside there are pictures some of locations, some of young children like Harper, and Newspaper articles on the wall, all somehow linked to Drill.

Harper asks the Dr about her mother. Her mother isn't sleeping. Her father said that her spirit isn't in her body, and the Dr. is looking for her, but Harper knows that she's dying. She tells Dr. Maria that she won't be able to help her that her friend Drill told her that he was the only one who could.

Sean works to pull down everything from the storage room walls. Rollins thinks that they should get the sketch sent around as quickly as possible to see if someone recognizes it. Claire points out that they're at the hospital for just that reason. Sean hesitates as he comes to the picture of the tree house, and one of Harper. He takes the picture of Harper.

Claire goes to Harper, and she asks her if the picture is of Drill. Her father tells her to answer the question when she hesitates. Claire tells her that Drill isn't her friend that he's a bad man. Harper knew that she would say that, and she's incorrect, Drill is going to fix her mother. Her father tells Harper that its time to stop playing, that it isn't a game. But to Harper, it is a game, its the most important game of all, and she has to win. She asks Claire not to make her lose, she really wants her mother back. Claire tells her that she won't make her lose. She stops Dr. Maria, and then asks Harper if Drill told her that she couldn't talk to Dr. Maria. There's no rules against that. Claire asks Harper to tell Dr. Maria about Drill, and she starts too, but then stops. Harper doesn't think that this is right. Dr. Maria apologizes, but notices the sketch on the ground. She tells them that he was a patient, but he disappeared.

Wes sits with the Secretary of Defense. In the books Sean was just on a surveillance run. He was really out to test a new weapon. Just as he was about to test the weapon he disconnected his transponder, and they lost him. Wes knows that you can't disconnect the transponder on the F22, but the Secretary points out that he had to have had help. Which explains how he disappeared, and how he got from the Artic to the Sahara. Wes is tasked to find out how he survived, and who was helping him. Wes meets with his team, doling out assignments. Someone had to have seen something somewhere. He tells them that they are assuming that he survived, and he was seen outside of a complex before an explosion. One points out that they should start with his wife, but Wes has already talked to her. Another thinks that they should put a tail on Claire and Henry.\
Min plays a game with her friend, and she wins easily. The friend complains that Minx always wins. Minx has a game that she can win easily. She hands the girl a hard drive. All she has to do is print out the files, and not show anyone. The game doesn't sound fun to Violet. Minx insists that it is, and if she wins, then she'll get to see magic. Violet wants a preview, and Minx calls on Drill to show her a bit of magic. He talks to her through the electronic game, and Violet wants to know how she's doing it. It's magic, and Minx extends the game invitation again.

Claire and Rollins speaks with Dr. Maria. Sean had no memories of anything prior to the last three months. He gave no hints about knowing anyone since then, and she suspected that he was all alone. But when he was unconscious he spoke Arabic, and said they're searching for the lights. She doesn't know what it means. Sean is walking like a man on a mission, headed straight to a shop. The Arabic man inside gives him an envelope. Dr. Maria tells them that he was covered in tattoos. They were all different, one looked like a tree house. Rollins is sure that he is their guy. Claire points out that he's just a person of interest at the moment. Sean leaves the shop. Security footage is being pulled in light of the attack.

Claire sees the footage of Sean taking down a guard. He's military trained for sure. Claire's silence is too much, and Rollins shuts off the monitor. He wants answers. She's been acting weird since she saw the sketch, and he knows that she knows who he is. Claire admits that she thinks it may be Sean. Sean is suppose to be dead though. Claire tells him that last night they found his plane, but not his body. The man in the sketch isn't similar, but looks exactly like Sean. But the man Dr. Maria described doesn't. Sean doesn't have tattoos, doesn't speak Arabic, doesn't attack people. Rollins tells her that if she believed that she would have released the sketch. Claire needed more time. Rollins points out that gave the man more time on the streets.

Claire gives Dr. Maria her card, asking her to call her if she sees him again, and to not call the police. Dr. Maria tells Claire that he needs help.

Sean calls in. He had an appointment with Dr. Maria he tells the receptionist, and he's running late. He gets the her hours, and then dumps her SIM card.

One of Wes's agents finds some footage from a satellite from when Sean went down. He watches the stills and something isn't right about them he notices, and his agent confirms its not what he thinks moving. At his desk he gets a call from Lena. He runs home, and she had not choice but the let the agents in, they had warrants. He tells her to take Minx and leave, but she refuses. Wes goes to find out what happened. His server was accessed, and restricted files were downloaded against protocol. Wes wasn't even home at the time it happened. The FBI is taking his computer to see how someone could have gotten access. Wes asks Lena about it, and she's upset that he would think it was her. She realizes that he thinks she went on there to see if he was emailing Claire from his work computer. Wes insists that she has nothing to worry about. Lena asks him if he was contacting her on his work computer. Wes doesn't want to do this with a house full of people. Lena thinks that they already know about his affair anyways, since they were doing it at work. If Wes could change things he would, he just wants to get past this. Lena wants to not be looked like a terrorist, for things between them to be good, for Minx not to have this imaginary friend telling her crap, and she wants to believe him. Ever since he was with her things have gone wrong, and now she wants him to fix it. Minx tells them to stop fighting. She confesses that it was her, she went into the computer. She tells them that they should be yelling at her, before she breaks down in tears. Wes rushes to hold his daughter.

Claire calls her mother to make sure that Henry is inside. She tells her to keep him inside and insight, but not why. She notices Dr. Maria searching for her keys. Her keys and wallet are both missing. She heads back to check with security, and that raises a flag with Claire.

Sean heads though a gate, and to the Dr's home. He has her keys and wallet. He enters her house. Inside he begins to search through her belongings for something. He finds a gun hidden in a bag. He goes into her bathroom to take a shower. Milo has packed on the muscle, and you can see his ripped tattoo form through the shower glass. On his chest there are three tattoos, that haven't been explained yet, but one looks like a target of some sort. As he showers he begins to tremble as something overtakes him. He falls to the shower floor.

Wes goes to the lead investigator, Alex, and tells him that Minx accessed them. Alex doesn't really believe it, but its the truth, and it'll make them look as bad as him. It's a little personal for Alex. Wes was a good agent before he left. Alex didn't like what Wes did to Claire. They all knew that she had a shaky home life, and he thinks that he took advantage of her as her superior. Wes doesn't want to do this in his home, and Alex doesn't plan on dropping the case. From the second floor Lena hears it all.

Sean scrambles out of the shower, searching for something and begins drawing on the floor. Claire arrives outside of Dr. Maria's home, and arms herself.

Wes gets a call about Claire's location. He heads straight there, but advises his agents not to approach until he arrives.

Claire quietly enters Dr. Maria's house, looking for signs of Sean. She hears a squeaky hinge and heads upstairs. He's already making his way out of the window as she enters the room. Claire gives chase, and Wes sees her. He calls to her, but nothing is stopping her from chasing after Sean. He tears through the crowd and manages to evade her for a moment, but Claire spots him again. She runs after him, but at another intersection she loses him for a moment. The two make eye contact across a street, but when a bus passes he vanishes. Wes catches up in his car. He asks if she saw him, if it was Sean, but Claire tells him that she's unsure. She never got a good look at him.

Harper's father is called back to work, but he doesn't want to go. His family needs him. Harper looks over her mother. She calls to Drill. He told her that he was going to help her, he promised. Harper's mother's eyes flutter, her vitals get better. She's not awake, but she's improving. Harper asks what's next.

Henry sits watching TV, with the sound on. He calls out to the TV answering it. Grandma hears the TV, which is unusual since he's suppose to be deaf, and she heads up to see what the voices are. She asks him who is there, who is talking. He tells her that its just the TV, but she's suspicious. She turns off the TV and tells him to get to bed. The TV comes back on with nothing but static. Henry gets scolded by Drill, he apologizes since his recovery was suppose to be a secret. Henry gets in closer, staring into the screen.

Wes gets an update on Sean. They've ran through all facial recognition programs, still no hits. Claire has gone back to Dr. maria's but Wes doesn't think she needs to be brought in.

Minx takes a little walk down the slowly darkening street, thanking Drill. She doesn't want to be home anymore.

Sean watches Dr. Maria in the garage.

Claire searches for what Sean was doing in Dr. Maria's home. She finds his sketch on the floor and takes a picture of it.

Minx goes back to the tunnel at the playground. She looks over a map, a maze according to Drill. It's a wiring schematic.

Dr. Maria gets into her car, and Sean in there with her gun. He needs her to take him somewhere. On his arm is a brand new tattoo, the same Guillotine looking drawing as on the floor at Dr. Maria's.


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