Turn: Washington's Spies S2E10 (S2 Finale) - "Gunpowder, Treason and Plot" Recap

Simcoe confronts Abe about the disappearance of MacAnnis and Tanner, whom Abe, Anna, and Caleb disposed of in the last episode, Abe denies knowing anything, though he does give off the appearance of a man gloating. But Simcoe has to leave with Rangers to support the army's embarkation from Philadelphia, something which Abe refers to as a retreat. Anna had switched out Eastin's flash with one of the Rangers and this causes the two opposing sides of soldiers to break out in a drunken brawl in the tavern.

Washington and Lee are making preparations for battle and they appear to have more soldiers in this impending fight. Though Lee has been put in charge of 6,000 men to fight against the British near Monmouth Court House, Lee is shown to be meeting with André, who was the actual one who chose Monmouth Court House as the site of this fight. The British army is retreating to New York but André is able to convince General Clinton of a plan to lure the Continentals into a trap. They will bait the army with a weakened rear-guard but then ambush them with Lee being the one to lead the army into this trap.

In Setauket, Hewlett wants to compile all of the intelligence Abe has gathered so that he can present a report to André that will stop him from vouching for Simcoe, as André's protection is the only thing shielding Simcoe from a court marshall. But Abe doesn't have any information to show for all his pretend-spying, and his father's best advice is that Abe should run and never look back, since André will be able to see through Abe's lies. The only other theoretical option he would have would be to turn in Townsend, which is not an option. So Abe decides instead that the best option is to kill Hewlett, something Anna doesn't approve of in the slightest. Abe wanted Anna to lure Hewlett to his death but she doesn't want to do it, as "Edmund" has been nothing but a good man to her.

In Philadelphia, Arnold has managed to manoeuvre Mr. Shippen's approval in marrying Peggy, despite the fact that Peggy had turned him down. Despite the fact that Arnold doesn't have much money to his name, the thing that had earned André no approval whatsoever from Mr. Shippen, Arnold is able to convince Mr. Shippen of the merits of the union by offering protection to the Shippens against the angry mobs.

Akinobe safely delivers Cicero to Abigail, who thanks him with a kiss. If there was any question to whether she reciprocated his feelings, those doubts are gone now.

Anna seeks help from Mary to convince Abe of the bad idea of murdering Hewlett. Anna is horrified when Mary's solution is to tell Abe he should murder the courier as it is a less sloppy approach to this situation. Hewlett won't be able to send another. Mary may not believe in the cause, but she believes in Abe.

Caleb arrives just as Ben is about to begin battle with the Redcoats and they're marching into a trap. Ben learns of the assassination plot and realises the predicament they find themselves in. André, Simcoe and the Rangers, and Lee are all on scene to witness the bloodshed. Things start to take a turn for the worse. Lee is calling for a disorganised retreat that is allowing for the soldiers to be picked off more easily and Ben implores him to stop and hold the ranks. Just when it seems as if a fight will break out, Washington arrives with reinforcements to save the day! He verbally tears Lee a new one, calling him a "damn poltroon," and rallies the Continentals back into battle. The fight ends in a draw but it still proves that the Continental Army can hold their own against the British troops.

Peggy must find a way to stall before her forced nuptials with Arnold. She hopes that her older sister can be married first but she isn't even engaged. The only way she's able to stall Arnold's temper is to offer up premarital sex. It works like a charm and we're left sickened as poor Peggy miserably allows Arnold to take her while she discreetly holds onto André's braid, which he had cut off and given to her to remember him while he was away.

André is distraught over the developments regarding Peggy's circumstances with Arnold and his latest fails on the battlefield.

Abe successfully takes out the the courier, Eastin, charged with delivering Hewlett's letter. But he is quickly attacked by Robert Rogers, who had been watching him from afar.

Caleb delivers the intel of the assassination plot to Washington, who lets him know that he was never as naive as he and Billy had thought. He knew that Lee was a traitor but it was better to deal with Lee with discretion. It was better that he be court-martialled as a failure than a traitor. They both know about the value of secrecy. Ben lets Washington know about Townsend being the new spy, referring to him as Sam Culper Jr. Ben had already taken Bradford captive, knowing that his accomplice was one of the two of Washington's personal body guards. He sets a trap to get the traitorous man to reveal himself. Sgt. Thomas Hickey was the man in question.

The intel also revealed that Bradford and Hickey were part of a well-funded cabal led by New York royal governor William Tryon and New York City mayor David Mathews. The traitors are hanged for their crimes and the spy ring seems to be intact, at least as far they know. They don't know that Abe is being held captive by Rogers, who was the one who had spied on him, Caleb, and Anna when they disposed of the bodies of the Rangers. After being betrayed by the Crown, he went back to Setauket to find the rebel spies. Now, Rogers wants to use this knowledge to get his revenge on Major André.

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