Turn: Washington's Spies S2E3 - "False Flag" Recap

Abe returns early and heads straight to Major Hewlett to hand over some information as part of his first so-called espionage mission. Remember that he's claiming to be going undercover as a Patriot, with Hewlett being none the wiser that Abe really is a Patriot. But Abe's father, at learning of Abe's early return, goes to Hewlett's and spies them from outside the window. Abe's trip yielded some good results, including an accurate approximation of British forces as well as important names of warships currently in the harbour.

The following morning, Abe sneaks away to meet with Anna, who has gathered some information of her own, courtesy of Abigail. The information is that General Charles Lee is a traitor. This information is better than what Abe has, but Abe is plenty happy to pass word on to Ben and General Washington. When Abe is forced to admit to Anna that he's pretending to be a double-agent for Hewlett, Anna is appalled at Abe's apparent foolishness. She goes on to say that she regrets jumping out of the boat to stay behind in Setauket instead of being with her husband, adding that she jumped for him more than just the cause.

Washington is thrilled to learn of the precise information Abe has provided about New York but despite Ben's protests, he won't acknowledge or accept the information about General Lee being a traitor. Ben becomes more outraged when he leaves Washington's office but is advised that he should verify the information first being hasty. It's important to verify because Major André could be manipulating Abigail to plant seeds of doubt amongst the opposing side. When Ben vents his frustration to Nathaniel Sackett, he shows Ben around his spy shop and hints at a new mission being plotted that will surround Caleb securing the intelligence Patience Wright died for and the hidden documents in her busy of King George. But Ben is more concerned with using Thomas Jefferson's polygraph duplicator in order to prove that Lee is a traitor by forging a correspondence with General Gates.

Major André is visited by Peggy Shippen at the local theatre where he is preparing a production of Taming of the Shrew. She wants to know his reason for enquiring after her acquaintance with Benedict Arnold and he admits that he had hoped she'd send Arnold a letter. She is offended by this, believing that he sees her as a piece on a chess board instead of a romantic interest, and promptly leaves.

As for Benedict Arnold, he is suffering through some painful treatment on his shattered leg. The surgeon wants to amputate but Arnold is not having it. Washington pays him a visit to share the news that Arnold has been promoted to Major General, but it's just a title and he will still report to the officers whom he despises. Arnold wants more money and places blame on Congress, his opposition, and Washington himself for holding him back from further success and glory. Arnold even insults Washington for not having fathered any sons.

Simcoe is still training his men in the woods, and gives one of the men his freedom papers as part of a gesture of asking him to be his second-in-command, as he trusts him more than any others.

Ben goes to meet Arnold who is still recovering. The reason for Ben's visit is that he intends to send the phone letter to Lee in Arnold's outgoing mail. This letter will have the general's resignation letter to Congress. Arnold shares a conversation with him in which he speaks of fighting alongside Ben's dead brother Samuel. He speaks of valour and how there's so little of it in this world. Oh, the irony.

Judge Woodhull is invited by Hewlett to go hunting, but as he's still recovering from his bullet wound, he politely declines. As his suspicion increases regarding Abe and Hewlett's secret meeting, he decides to snoop through Hewlett's office while he's out hunting. But Hewlett pops back in because he wants his gloves. Judge Woodhull goes through Hewlett's notebook which is chalk full of clues and nude drawings. Hewlett walks in and is furious at having his privacy violated but when Woodhull expresses his concerns because he saw Abe and Hewlett meeting together, Hewlett tells him about Abe's being a spy to gather information on the Patriots. Woodhull asks Hewlett not to tell Abe he knows, and Hewlett agrees.

Peggy goes to see Major André in the play put on and afterwards, there is a bit of sweet-talking shared. She also lets him know that she has written the letter to Arnold he had hoped, and André is enormously pleased. Flirting and espionage? How delightful!

In Hackensack, NJ, Patience Wright's bust of King George is set to arrive. While Sackett had sent Caleb to steal it back, Rogers also arrives at the door to reclaim it back from the Brits. Caleb eavesdrops on the conversation and overhears the man who had answered the door saying that they don't have the bust because the ship carrying the cargo had ben ransacked by privateers. Rogers and Caleb nearly run into each other in the shadows of the dark house but that encounter will have to wait for another day, as the man of the house returns with proof to confirm his story, a letter from the shipping company that shares how the cargo was stolen.

Ben's plan was a success, apparently. Lee has responded with a letter that express his disdain for Washington and his desires to replace him. But Washington scolds Ben for what he did to retrieve the letter and shares how he is well-aware of Lee's treachery and adds that plenty of other high-ranking men feel the same against Washington. But what is more important is that the French don't know that they are divided. The French need to believe they are united so they will help supply them with the necessary arms so they may defeat the British. He finalises his rant with a sharp line about is not being his job to teach Ben better sense. "I am not your father, and you are not my son."

Turn: Washington's Spies airs on Mondays on AMC at 9PM.


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