Turn: Washington's Spies S2E4 - "Men of Blood" Recap

Abe heads to the dead drop in the woods but much to his surprise, encounters Ben there. Following the falling out Ben had with Washington, he really wants to bring forth some better results. Ben joins Abe in his root cellar so they can plan their next move. Ben offers up invisible ink as well as a ship to be delivered to Abigail under the guise that it was carved by her son but it has a secret note implanted that has instructions on how to format her messages per Washington's instructions. Abe proposes that Townsend, the boarding house man who figured out Abe was a spy, can be a mole since he is intelligent and lives right in the thick of a horde of British soldiers.

Anna must play nice with Hewlett to get him to send the carved ship on to Abigail but in doing so, she has to promise to return the following night to see what's inside a new box. Hewlett promises her marvels unlike anything she's ever seen before. Later, Hewlett shows her a telescope with which to look up at the stars. Turns out Hewlett had his sights on being an astronomer before his family needed money so he decided to join the army as a source of income. She notes that the telescope could be used as a device of spying. His monologue overlays a montage of Simcoe and his rangers attacking a camp of soldiers. Simcoe leaves a note claiming the bloodshed was done by Major Hewlett, declaring death to all rebels.

Abe returns to New York to visit Townsend, who is less than pleased to see him but his curiosity is piqued when Abe declares that he is there in order to speak with him.

Arnold isn't doing so well in his recovery and Ben is growing increasingly concerned for his well-being. Since Ben is still on shaky ground with Washington, his hero may now serve as a substitute father/older-brother figure. Arnold is concerned about the harsh words he spoke to Washington earlier and stresses to Ben that Washington must be protected from all the traitorous men surrounding him.

John André is busy at work with his plans to turn Benedict Arnold. He plans to get a letter circulated regarding Arnold's loyalty to money first and foremost, will be received by General Lee. Being that André has been flirting with Peggy, he gets invited to her place where he is rudely interrogated by her father regarding his assets and background to determine if he is a suitable match for Peggy, though André has never actually proposed marriage or expressed an interest in doing so. He leaves, but not before giving Mr. Shippen a stern lecture on how he himself is also "new-money," but his fortune was built on the backs of slaves. Peggy follows after him to apologise but André isn't interested in hearing it, saying that he doesn't like being ambushed.

Deep in the New Jersey woods, Caleb and Robert Rogers are both heading to meet Captain Rider, the American private who became a pirateer who also looted the British ship that held the King George bust containing private documents. Caleb arrives first, hoping to politely manoeuvre the bust out but Rider's possessions but Rider doesn't want to give it up once he realises it may be something of value. He'd much rather see what sort of deal he can get it selling it on the open market but before anything else can happen, the group is attacked by Rogers and his soldiers. Rogers kills Rider and in the commotion, Caleb smashes the bust open and gets away with the documents.

Abe and Townsend meet in the dead of night to speak while playing a game of checkers. Abe has done some research on Townsend, knowing that his father has some Whiggish-political leanings, perhaps making him more sympathetic to the Patriot cause. But much to Abe's surprise, Townsend knows a great deal about Abe already. He knows about Abe's background, the reputation of his family, how Abe's brother was murdered, and even the marriage of convenience in which Abe took part of. Townsend doesn't seem to be interested in joining Abe as a spy but after their heated conversation is interrupted by a British soldier looking for a room, Townsend for whatever reason changes his mind. Outside, Ben chases after a man whom he has seen following him for some time and the two are attacked the alleyway by some robbers. The confrontation leaves the man, Henry Browning, mortally wounded, by the man is able to tell Abe that he was sent to follow him by Abe's father.

Peggy visits André in the garden and the two engage in a bit of verbal sparring. The two are rather evenly matched, perhaps to André's surprise. But Peggy butters him up reasonably well, noting how André is a man who makes his own fate and she wants to be a part of it. It's not long after that the two are kissing.

Arnold is delighted to receive a letter from Peggy, telling Ben how she is a beautiful and wealthy woman. Ben also relays the gossip to Arnold that is being said about Washington and Arnold himself. Ben then asks Arnold if he can apply to join his group. But Arnold says that Ben can be a spy or a soldier, but not both.

Abe returns home and angrily confronts his father. Henry Browning was just a poor, petty thief in debt, whom Judge Woodhull sent to watch Abe. Hewlett breaks up the fight because of all the noise and pushes the two to resolve their differences and says it's best that there be no secrets amongst them. Abe then shares his so-called findings to the both of them from his visit to the city. He claims he's still looking into the Sons of Liberty rebels and his father is quickly putting things together. Abe then names Henry Browning as a rabble-rouser he's tracked down in the city and his father sits there seething, now knowing what his son is up to, but unable to express anything further given Hewlett's presence.

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