Turn: Washington's Spies S2E6 - "Houses Divided" Recap

Abe is still trapped in a British jail in New York and his request for Major Hewlett arrives at the Woodhull's home but of course Hewlett cannot respond to it since he has been captured by patriots who may very well try or kill him for his supposed war crimes. This sparks an argument, while Judge Woodhull is furious about his son being what he feels is a traitor and lashes out at Abe's wife for knowing all along that he was a spy and at Anna for aiding him, though he doesn't have any proof of it. The Judge sends Anna out of the house; she is no longer welcome to stay there. For now, the bitter Judge is content to let Abe rot in jail to teach him a lesson.

Anna sends word of Abe's captivity as well as his rouge plan involving pretending to be a spy for the British army and Ben is enraged. Ben and Caleb also learn of Hewlett's arrest and must determine what their next move is. Of course Abe is horrified to learn of Hewlett's captivity and says they should contact his father but his captors only continue to push him to confess. They throw him in with some rebel prisoners and announce that Abe has taken an oath to the king, so of course this means that Abe will have to try to fight off all these men and their flying fists.

Former-slave Jordan meets Abigail's son, Cicero, who has quite the mouth on him, telling him how Anna has helped him contact his mother by writing the letters to her for him. Anna ends up in a confrontation with Simcoe, declaring that she'll never love him and challenges him to do what it is that he's set on doing but that it won't change her feelings. Though Simcoe momentarily gets rough with her, he says that she's wrong about him and all her claims of him just being a bully. Right.

Major André is continuing his hot fling with Peggy Shippen, who comes to visit him in the dead of night. But before they can start anything too saucy, Lt. Gamble arrives with his newly-acquired documents belonging to Sackett. They're even spattered with blood. The documents reveal knowledge of the British ships acquired by Samuel Culper, so now André knows about the Culper ring, though he does not know who Culper is. After his meeting, he heads upstairs to hook up with Peggy.

Abe's wife comes to visit Anna, asking her to use her rebel contacts to try to help Abe get free from prison, but Anna won't admit to having any contacts. Abe's wife doesn't care about politics at this point; she just wants Abe back. Eventually, Anna admits that she has already sent word but she hasn't heard back. Abe's wife then suggests that Anna use her sway over Simcoe to try to put things in motion that will get Abe back. Anna agrees but only if Abe's wife will try to work on getting the Judge to come around and try to help too.

Abigail receives the ship, her latest gift "from Cicero." Alone in her room, she discovers the message from Ben and the instructions for her to use in relaying intelligence. From the look on her face, this appears to be far more than she bargained for. Later, she finds the ship missing from her room, much to her alarm. Upon going to retrieve it, she is interrupted by Peggy, who wants to talk. Really, she just wants to know more about André, as she is confused about the state of things since getting a reply back from Arnold. Abigail says that above all else, André values honesty, so it's best to not keep secrets. Showing him Arnold's letter will be the best way to proceed. Abigail then learns that the ship was moved because the cook's son was playing with it. Peggy learns about Abigail having a son and his being so far away.

Anna visits Simcoe and says she is concerned for Major Hewlett's well-being. She says she grew to care for Hewlett, and expresses concerns for his well-being. She offers her affections to Simcoe in exchange for using his power and men to rescue Hewlett. Smile again reiterates that he is not a monster. He wants to love and be loved, and not just accept the thinly-veiled offer of sex that she just made. He sends her away, but judging by the smirk on his face, it seems clear he's plotting further manipulation.

Abe's wife tries to reason with the Judge, but when he refuses to be swayed, she throws the Judge's books in the fire and lays out the hard truths about how she burned Abe's code book and helped him burn down the farm to cover the shooting of Ensign Baker. She reminds him that as far as politics go, the Judge is just a businessman. It's not that he supports the Crown because of philosophical beliefs; he just doesn't want to be on the losing side. She tells him he needs to choose between his pride and his family.

Peggy tells André about the letter and they share some laughs together in bed as they poke fun at his lack of poetic skills. She also shares how Abigail advised her to be honest about receiving correspondence from a rival suitor. André later makes quite an offer to Abigail. To thank her for her loyalty as a servant and for her discretion regarding his relationship with Peggy, he says he'd like to extend an invitation to let Cicero stay with them in Philadelphia. Abigail is overjoyed and emotional. But of course, this begs the question of whether Abigail will continue to be involved in the spy ring, since her main incentive in helping was to look after her son.

André may not know the identity of Samuel Culper but he suspect that he is from Long Island, so he sends Simcoe and the Queen's Rangers to Oyster Bay to try to find the man in question. Smile will be following orders but before he leaves, he asks Anna for a kiss, which she hesitantly gives him. It's spotted by plenty of the folks in town. Poor Anna gets more and more isolated. Simcoe has told Anna he'll be taking the scenic route by stopping into Connecticut to rescue Hewlett, but he tells Jordan that in actuality, they'll be killing him. But what they don't know is that Ben and Caleb are also planning to hit the rebel encampment to actually save Hewlett.

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