Turn: Washington's Spies S2E7 - "Valley Forge" Recap

George Washington isn't feeling well, and hallucinates all his teeth falling out in a bloody mess. The doctor diagnoses him with melancholia, an ailment caused by moral crisis of the soul. But the doctor must tell anyone who asks that Washington's slave Billy Lee is the one who needed tending to. Washington has Billy boil up some coffee while together they will pull an all-nighter and go through all his old letters to determine the best course of action regarding the dilemma he now faces. Hewlett has been arrested for the brutal crimes Simcoe framed him for. Washington must decide whether to endorse Hewlett's execution or to parole him. Ben has told him that only Hewlett can testify to save Abraham who is still imprisoned by the British for the spying he was caught doing in New York City. So the questions remains as to whether he should sentence a man to death for unspeakable crimes or save him in order to save the spy that could help to win the war.

Abraham is still being kept in the Livingston's sugar house, a particularly dire New York jail and he's having a hard time keeping it together. An inmate named Gareth comes with some bread and asks questions about Abe's alleged crimes. Abe doesn't admit much but it's enough for Gareth to scream for the guards, claiming he's gotten a confession from Abe. The jailer doesn't believe Gareth's claims but Abe is still in bad shape and getting all the wrong attention.

Hewlett is undoubtedly in worse shape than Abe, as he is being forced to stay naked in an outdoor prison. The officer in charge, Lt. Chaffee, is insistent that Hewlett is guilty, harbouring every grudge possible over the brutality of the crimes committed. The jailer comes in and gives Hewlett a knife, with the intent that either Hewlett will kill himself or he will attempt to escape, thus allowing the soldiers to kill him. Hewlett eventually determines that Simcoe was the one to commit the crimes and is the reason for his captivity.

Washington is reminiscing about his death half-brother, Lawrence, while playing cards with Billy who has been encouraged to speak his mind. Billy had noted similarities between Washington and Abe, in how they had followed the lives that were meant for their older brothers who died before they could fulfil them. But once Billy compares him to Lawrence more outright, Washington loses his temper and begins choking Billy before running out into the cold, dark night.

Abe is having visions of being in bed with Anna again. It's the only thing he can hold onto in his dire conditions. But finally, the Judge comes to visit him and it's not long before the two begin arguing. Abe also learns of Simcoe's return to Setauket and the Judge declares that Anna belongs to Simcoe now, as she was seen kissing him by half the town. The Judge believes that perhaps it's in Abe's best interest if he stays locked up until the war is over. He leaves behind some papers for Abe, whether by accident or intention we're not sure. But Abe promises that as long as he has air left in his lungs, he'll never stop.

Washington has followed a vision of his dead brother into the woods and implores the apparition to give him answers. But Lawrence's would-be actions don't matter. He tells Washington that he is not Lawrence and Lawrence is not him. Washington is now free to do what he believes to be best, which in this case is to cancel Hewlett's execution.

Hewlett's in even worse shape physically, having used the knife to cut off his frostbitten toes which had turned black. But his resolve is even more determined than ever. Though Washington's pardon arrives to the camp, Simcoe's rangers arrive, as Simcoe himself is the one to take out Lt. Chaffee. Simcoe tells the Queen's Rangers to take out the Americans while Simcoe himself will take out Hewlett. Simcoe takes some time to gloat and be awfully smug towards Hewlett, who catches him off guard and stabs him with the knife. He then makes his escape into the woods while Simcoe screams out in agony. Simcoe gives the order to his second-in-command that they'll fake Hewlett's death to their superiors.

Turn: Washington's Spies airs on Mondays on AMC at 10PM.


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