Turn: Washington's Spies S2E9 - "The Prodigal" Recap

Simcoe orchestrates the staged-suicide of one of Hewlett's soldiers and barely contains his smug glee as the soldiers watch the stand-off. Hewlett tells Anna of Simcoe's involvement and she offers to help him win this game they're playing. She decides to ask Akinbode, Simcoe's second-in-command to help accompany Cicero to New York, as Major André had invited Cicero to relocate so he could be with his mother, Abigail.

In New York, Abe has been released thanks to Major Hewlett's letter, and he promptly heads to Robert Townsend's boarding house. But Townsend has sold it to a man named MacDougal who gives Abe his bill. Abe then goes to Oyster Bay and visits Robert's father, who helps Abe determine that he had sent Abe word using the secret ink on the back of the bill. Also, Robert had to flee because Simcoe and the Rangers had stolen his father's horses and burned down his stable. This was the push Robert needed to join the cause.

Back in Philadelphia, Peggy and her family are nearly torn apart when an angry mob attack their carriage. But Benedict Arnold is back in town and breaks up the commotion, after which he lays some charm on Peggy, which doesn't go unnoticed by Mr. Shippen. Arnold is later able to meet privately with Peggy and boldly tries to propose marriage to her. It's a bit uncomfortable to watch after seeing Peggy be so throughly charmed by Major Andre's more-skilled abilities. But Peggy needs to play nice with Arnold to help André's larger game-plan.

Ben is having a difficult time at Valley Forge, as he's still not in the best state with Washington. Charles Lee's second-in-command, Major Bradford, has recommended that Washington chase after the British across New Jersey and attack them from the rear, a plan that Ben does not think best. Lee is pushing for Washington to follow Bradford's plan and Washington agrees to put Lee in command of half the army. This bold and unwise move causes Washington's slave Billy Lee to seek out Ben's help to make Washington see sense. So Ben volunteers to ride around Lee's command to keep an eye on things.

Abe makes it back to Setauket where he has an emotional reunion with his wife and especially his child. Later in bed with his wife and child, he claims he just wants to get things back to the way that they were and that spying is behind him. Mary doesn't believe him but she's not going to argue with him, as it's not what's best for hers and her child's life.

Now that Abe has returned to Setauket, Simcoe orders Akinbode to follow Abe around and track his activities. Akinbode is willing to do so but he also wants a few days off to take Cicero to New York. Simcoe forces Akinbode to admit that he wants to do this because he is in love with Abigail, but Simcoe is willing to let him perform this task. Some other Rangers will look after Abe in the meanwhile.

Simcoe has a meeting with Hewlett in the woods with men from each side to make sure things stay peaceful-ish. But Simcoe spends much of the meeting insulting Hewlett and admitting to all of his crimes including poisoning Hewlett's horse, Persepholis.

Abe meets Anna at their spy cave in the middle of the woods. But with his lantern in hand, he has no idea he's being followed by Simcoe's rangers. In the cave, he finds that the decoded message from Townsend reveals to Abe that he had now purchased up a new establishment and he has intel on a plot to assassinate Washington. But just as soon as they've read the letter, they're attacked by the Rangers MacInnis and Tanner who hold them at gunpoint and demand to know who Caleb is. Abe needs to deliver the letter to Caleb before the sun comes up and both he and Anna are forced at gunpoint to go out into the woods to where Caleb is waiting.

When they reach the spot, Caleb is knocked out and the Rangers get him hogtied. Tanner wants to rape Anna but unbeknownst to him, she has Abe's knife hidden in her possessions. So just as Tanner thinks he's going to be some oral pleasure, she slashes him up in his favourite body part. This allows Abe the opportunity to get the upper-hand and fight MacInnis and eventually impale him on Caleb's sword. Anna delivers the final shot to Tanner's head. Abe lets Caleb know about the letter and the importance of it being delivered to Ben and Washington. But just as this trio makes the preparations to have Caleb dispose of the bodies at sea after loading them into his boat, they are being watched by an unknown figure lurking in the forest.

Turn: Washington's Spies airs on Mondays on AMC at 10PM.


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